Commit 193fea9e authored by Jason Ekstrand's avatar Jason Ekstrand
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nir: Add a foreach_ssa_def function

There are some functions whose destinations are SSA-only and so aren't a
nir_dest.  This provides a function that is capable of iterating over the
SSA definitions defined by those functions.  If you want registers, you
should use the old iterator.

v2: Kenneth Graunke <>:
 - Fix nir_foreach_ssa_def's return value.
Reviewed-by: default avatarConnor Abbott <>
parent bc073585
......@@ -1465,6 +1465,46 @@ nir_foreach_dest(nir_instr *instr, nir_foreach_dest_cb cb, void *state)
return true;
struct foreach_ssa_def_state {
nir_foreach_ssa_def_cb cb;
void *client_state;
static inline bool
nir_ssa_def_visitor(nir_dest *dest, void *void_state)
struct foreach_ssa_def_state *state = void_state;
if (dest->is_ssa)
return state->cb(&dest->ssa, state->client_state);
return true;
nir_foreach_ssa_def(nir_instr *instr, nir_foreach_ssa_def_cb cb, void *state)
switch (instr->type) {
case nir_instr_type_alu:
case nir_instr_type_tex:
case nir_instr_type_intrinsic:
case nir_instr_type_load_const:
case nir_instr_type_phi:
case nir_instr_type_parallel_copy: {
struct foreach_ssa_def_state foreach_state = {cb, state};
return nir_foreach_dest(instr, nir_ssa_def_visitor, &foreach_state);
case nir_instr_type_ssa_undef:
return cb(&nir_instr_as_ssa_undef(instr)->def, state);
case nir_instr_type_call:
case nir_instr_type_jump:
return true;
unreachable("Invalid instruction type");
static bool
visit_src(nir_src *src, nir_foreach_src_cb cb, void *state)
......@@ -1316,8 +1316,11 @@ void nir_instr_insert_after_cf_list(struct exec_list *list, nir_instr *after);
void nir_instr_remove(nir_instr *instr);
typedef bool (*nir_foreach_ssa_def_cb)(nir_ssa_def *def, void *state);
typedef bool (*nir_foreach_dest_cb)(nir_dest *dest, void *state);
typedef bool (*nir_foreach_src_cb)(nir_src *src, void *state);
bool nir_foreach_ssa_def(nir_instr *instr, nir_foreach_ssa_def_cb cb,
void *state);
bool nir_foreach_dest(nir_instr *instr, nir_foreach_dest_cb cb, void *state);
bool nir_foreach_src(nir_instr *instr, nir_foreach_src_cb cb, void *state);
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