Commit 3db9d4b2 authored by Vinson Lee's avatar Vinson Lee
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r600: Remove unused variable.

Fixes the following GCC warning.
r600_emit.c In function 'r600AllocShaderConsts':
r600_emit.c:59: warning: unused variable 'out'
parent 67925c6c
......@@ -56,7 +56,6 @@ GLboolean r600AllocShaderConsts(GLcontext * ctx,
radeonContextPtr radeonctx = RADEON_CONTEXT(ctx);
struct radeon_bo * pbo;
uint32_t *out;
if(sizeinBYTE < 64) /* SQ_ALU_CONST_BUFFER_SIZE need 64 bytes at least to be non 0 */
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