Commit 42a921fa authored by Paul Berry's avatar Paul Berry

glsl: don't rename variables in interface block arrays.

The linker matches up variables in interface blocks according to their
block name and variable name.  When support for interface block arrays
was added in commit d6863acb, we renamed variables appearing in
interface blocks so that their name included the array size.  For
example, in a block like this:

out foo {
   float bar
} baz[3];

The variable "bar" would get renamed to "bar[3]".

This is unnecessary, and leads to problems in supporting geometry
shaders, since geometry shaders require vertex shader outputs which
are non-arrays to be linked up to geometry shader inputs which are

This patch makes the behaviour of interface block arrays the same as
simple non-array interface blocks; in both cases, the variables
contained within them are not renamed.
Reviewed-by: default avatarMatt Turner <>
parent f19cb0e5
......@@ -129,9 +129,9 @@ flatten_named_interface_blocks_declarations::run(exec_list *instructions)
if (!found_var) {
ir_variable *new_var;
char *var_name =
ralloc_strdup(mem_ctx, iface_t->fields.structure[i].name);
if (array_t == NULL) {
char *var_name =
ralloc_strdup(mem_ctx, iface_t->fields.structure[i].name);
new_var =
new(mem_ctx) ir_variable(iface_t->fields.structure[i].type,
......@@ -141,10 +141,6 @@ flatten_named_interface_blocks_declarations::run(exec_list *instructions)
char *var_name =
ralloc_asprintf(mem_ctx, "%s[%d]",
new_var =
new(mem_ctx) ir_variable(new_array_type,
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