Commit 6367ca8b authored by Iago Toral Quiroga's avatar Iago Toral Quiroga
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i965/gen6: Fix crash with VS+TF after rendering with GS

Rendering with a GS and then using transform feedback with a program that does
not have a GS can crash in gen6. The reason for this is that
brw_begin_transform_feedback checks brw->geometry_program to decide if there
is a GS program, but this is not correct: brw->geometry_program is updated when
issuing drawing commands, so after rendering with a GS it will be non-NULL
until we draw again with a program that does not have a GS. If the next
program uses TF, we will call glBegintransformFeedback before issuing
the drawing command and hence brw->geometry_program will be non-NULL if
the previous rendering used a GS. The right thing to do here is to check
ctx->_Shader->CurrentProgram[MESA_SHADER_GEOMETRY] instead. This is what the
gen7 code path does too.


Reviewed-by: default avatarTapani Pälli <>
parent bc6e57e0
......@@ -241,7 +241,7 @@ brw_begin_transform_feedback(struct gl_context *ctx, GLenum mode,
assert(brw->gen == 6);
if (brw->geometry_program) {
if (ctx->_Shader->CurrentProgram[MESA_SHADER_GEOMETRY]) {
shaderprog =
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