Commit 68ed14d6 authored by Kenneth Graunke's avatar Kenneth Graunke
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i965: Pass a shader stage abbreviation to fs_generator().

A lot of messages hardcoded the string "FS", which is confusing on
Broadwell, where we use this code for VS support as well.

shader-db particularly got confused, as it reported two "FS SIMD8"
shaders, and no vertex shaders at all.  Craziness ensued.
Signed-off-by: default avatarKenneth Graunke <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarMatt Turner <>
parent efef6c82
......@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ brw_blorp_eu_emitter::brw_blorp_eu_emitter(struct brw_context *brw,
: mem_ctx(ralloc_context(NULL)),
generator(brw, mem_ctx, (void *) rzalloc(mem_ctx, struct brw_wm_prog_key),
(struct brw_stage_prog_data *) rzalloc(mem_ctx, struct brw_wm_prog_data),
NULL, false)
NULL, false, "BLORP")
if (debug_flag)
......@@ -3857,7 +3857,7 @@ brw_wm_fs_emit(struct brw_context *brw,
fs_generator g(brw, mem_ctx, (void *) key, &prog_data->base,
&fp->Base, v.runtime_check_aads_emit);
&fp->Base, v.runtime_check_aads_emit, "FS");
if (unlikely(INTEL_DEBUG & DEBUG_WM)) {
char *name;
......@@ -712,7 +712,8 @@ public:
const void *key,
struct brw_stage_prog_data *prog_data,
struct gl_program *fp,
bool runtime_check_aads_emit);
bool runtime_check_aads_emit,
const char *stage_abbrev);
void enable_debug(const char *shader_name);
......@@ -825,6 +826,7 @@ private:
bool runtime_check_aads_emit;
bool debug_flag;
const char *shader_name;
const char *stage_abbrev;
void *mem_ctx;
......@@ -123,12 +123,13 @@ fs_generator::fs_generator(struct brw_context *brw,
const void *key,
struct brw_stage_prog_data *prog_data,
struct gl_program *prog,
bool runtime_check_aads_emit)
bool runtime_check_aads_emit,
const char *stage_abbrev)
: brw(brw), key(key),
prog(prog), runtime_check_aads_emit(runtime_check_aads_emit),
debug_flag(false), mem_ctx(mem_ctx)
debug_flag(false), stage_abbrev(stage_abbrev), mem_ctx(mem_ctx)
ctx = &brw->ctx;
......@@ -2035,10 +2036,11 @@ fs_generator::generate_code(const cfg_t *cfg, int dispatch_width)
if (inst->opcode < (int) ARRAY_SIZE(opcode_descs)) {
_mesa_problem(ctx, "Unsupported opcode `%s' in FS",
_mesa_problem(ctx, "Unsupported opcode `%s' in %s",
opcode_descs[inst->opcode].name, stage_abbrev);
} else {
_mesa_problem(ctx, "Unsupported opcode %d in FS", inst->opcode);
_mesa_problem(ctx, "Unsupported opcode %d in %s", inst->opcode,
......@@ -2085,9 +2087,9 @@ fs_generator::generate_code(const cfg_t *cfg, int dispatch_width)
"FS SIMD%d shader: %d inst, %d loops, "
"%s SIMD%d shader: %d inst, %d loops, "
"compacted %d to %d bytes.\n",
dispatch_width, before_size / 16, loop_count,
stage_abbrev, dispatch_width, before_size / 16, loop_count,
before_size, after_size);
return start_offset;
......@@ -1895,7 +1895,7 @@ brw_vs_emit(struct brw_context *brw,
fs_generator g(brw, mem_ctx, (void *) &c->key, &prog_data->base.base,
&c->vp->program.Base, v.runtime_check_aads_emit);
&c->vp->program.Base, v.runtime_check_aads_emit, "VS");
char *name = ralloc_asprintf(mem_ctx, "%s vertex shader %d",
prog->Label ? prog->Label : "unnamed",
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