Commit 700ba5da authored by Jason Ekstrand's avatar Jason Ekstrand
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nir/vars_to_ssa: Refactor get_deref_node

This refactor allows you to more easily get the deref node associated with
a given variable.  We then use that new functionality in the
deref_may_be_aliased function instead of creating a 1-element deref chain.
Reviewed-by: default avatarConnor Abbott <>
parent 55b5058e
......@@ -189,6 +189,26 @@ deref_node_create(struct deref_node *parent,
return node;
/* Returns the deref node associated with the given variable. This will be
* the root of the tree representing all of the derefs of the given variable.
static struct deref_node *
get_deref_node_for_var(nir_variable *var, struct lower_variables_state *state)
struct deref_node *node;
struct hash_entry *var_entry =
_mesa_hash_table_search(state->deref_var_nodes, var);
if (var_entry) {
return var_entry->data;
} else {
node = deref_node_create(NULL, var->type, state->dead_ctx);
_mesa_hash_table_insert(state->deref_var_nodes, var, node);
return node;
/* Gets the deref_node for the given deref chain and creates it if it
* doesn't yet exist. If the deref is fully-qualified and direct and
* add_to_direct_deref_nodes is true, it will be added to the hash table of
......@@ -200,17 +220,9 @@ get_deref_node(nir_deref_var *deref, bool add_to_direct_deref_nodes,
bool is_direct = true;
struct deref_node *node;
struct hash_entry *var_entry =
_mesa_hash_table_search(state->deref_var_nodes, deref->var);
if (var_entry) {
node = var_entry->data;
} else {
node = deref_node_create(NULL, deref->deref.type, state->dead_ctx);
_mesa_hash_table_insert(state->deref_var_nodes, deref->var, node);
/* Start at the base of the chain. */
struct deref_node *node = get_deref_node_for_var(deref->var, state);
assert(deref->deref.type == node->type);
for (nir_deref *tail = deref->deref.child; tail; tail = tail->child) {
switch (tail->deref_type) {
......@@ -411,15 +423,8 @@ static bool
deref_may_be_aliased(nir_deref_var *deref,
struct lower_variables_state *state)
nir_deref_var var_deref = *deref;
var_deref.deref.child = NULL;
struct deref_node *node = get_deref_node(&var_deref, false, state);
/* An invalid dereference can't be aliased. */
if (node == NULL)
return false;
return deref_may_be_aliased_node(node, &deref->deref, state);
return deref_may_be_aliased_node(get_deref_node_for_var(deref->var, state),
&deref->deref, state);
static void
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