Commit 792caebc authored by José Fonseca's avatar José Fonseca

scons: Move MSVS_VERSION option to common module.

parent 2aa32036
......@@ -32,7 +32,6 @@ import common
opts = Variables('')
opts.Add(EnumVariable('MSVS_VERSION', 'MS Visual C++ version', None, allowed_values=('7.1', '8.0', '9.0')))
env = Environment(
options = opts,
......@@ -91,3 +91,4 @@ def AddOptions(opts):
opts.Add(BoolOption('llvm', 'use LLVM', default_llvm))
opts.Add(BoolOption('debug', 'DEPRECATED: debug build', 'yes'))
opts.Add(BoolOption('profile', 'DEPRECATED: profile build', 'no'))
opts.Add(EnumOption('MSVS_VERSION', 'MS Visual C++ version', None, allowed_values=('7.1', '8.0', '9.0')))
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