Commit 85fc724d authored by Topi Pohjolainen's avatar Topi Pohjolainen

i965/fs: allow unit tests to dump the final patched assembly

Unit tests comparing generated blorp programs to known good need
to have the dump in designated file instead of in default
standard output. The comparison also expects the jump counters
of if-else-instructions to be correctly set and hence the dump
needs to be taken _after_ 'patch_IF_ELSE()' is run (the default
dump of the fs_generator does this before).

v2 (Paul): dropped the redundant 'dump_enabled' argument
Signed-off-by: default avatarTopi Pohjolainen <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarPaul Berry <>
parent 757b4cf0
......@@ -517,10 +517,11 @@ public:
const unsigned *generate_assembly(exec_list *simd8_instructions,
exec_list *simd16_instructions,
unsigned *assembly_size);
unsigned *assembly_size,
FILE *dump_file = NULL);
void generate_code(exec_list *instructions);
void generate_code(exec_list *instructions, FILE *dump_file);
void generate_fb_write(fs_inst *inst);
void generate_pixel_xy(struct brw_reg dst, bool is_x);
void generate_linterp(fs_inst *inst, struct brw_reg dst,
......@@ -1310,7 +1310,7 @@ fs_generator::generate_untyped_surface_read(fs_inst *inst, struct brw_reg dst,
fs_generator::generate_code(exec_list *instructions)
fs_generator::generate_code(exec_list *instructions, FILE *dump_file)
int last_native_insn_offset = p->next_insn_offset;
const char *last_annotation_string = NULL;
......@@ -1819,21 +1819,22 @@ fs_generator::generate_code(exec_list *instructions)
* which is often something we want to debug. So this is here in
* case you're doing that.
if (0) {
brw_dump_compile(p, stdout, 0, p->next_insn_offset);
if (dump_file) {
brw_dump_compile(p, dump_file, 0, p->next_insn_offset);
const unsigned *
fs_generator::generate_assembly(exec_list *simd8_instructions,
exec_list *simd16_instructions,
unsigned *assembly_size)
unsigned *assembly_size,
FILE *dump_file)
assert(simd8_instructions || simd16_instructions);
if (simd8_instructions) {
dispatch_width = 8;
generate_code(simd8_instructions, dump_file);
if (simd16_instructions) {
......@@ -1854,7 +1855,7 @@ fs_generator::generate_assembly(exec_list *simd8_instructions,
brw_set_compression_control(p, BRW_COMPRESSION_COMPRESSED);
dispatch_width = 16;
generate_code(simd16_instructions, dump_file);
return brw_get_program(p, assembly_size);
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