Commit a9bf5999 authored by Brian Paul's avatar Brian Paul

mesa: minor simplification in _mesa_es3_error_check_format_and_type()

The type_valid local was set to true and never changed.
parent ca3df5ee
......@@ -1694,8 +1694,6 @@ GLenum
_mesa_es3_error_check_format_and_type(GLenum format, GLenum type,
GLenum internalFormat)
GLboolean type_valid = GL_TRUE;
switch (format) {
case GL_RGBA:
switch (type) {
......@@ -2116,5 +2114,5 @@ _mesa_es3_error_check_format_and_type(GLenum format, GLenum type,
return type_valid ? GL_NO_ERROR : GL_INVALID_OPERATION;
return GL_NO_ERROR;
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