Commit b9e9ed67 authored by Gert Wollny's avatar Gert Wollny
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mesa/st: don't prematurely optimize for render targets when on virgl

For three component textures virgl faces the problem that the host driver
may report that these can not be used as a render target, and when the
client requests such a texture a four-componet texture will be choosen
even if only a sampler view was requested. One example where this happens
is with the Intel i965 driver that doesn't support RGB32* as render target.
The result is that when allocating a GL_RGB32F and a GL_RGB32I texture, and
then glCopyImageSubData is called for these two texture, gallium will fail
with an assertion, because it reports a different per pixel bit count.

Therefore, when using the virgl driver, don't try to enable BIND_RENDER_TARGET
for RGB textures that were requested with only BIND_SAMPLER_VIEW.
parent 548a2f66
......@@ -2285,19 +2285,27 @@ st_ChooseTextureFormat(struct gl_context *ctx, GLenum target,
/* GL textures may wind up being render targets, but we don't know
* that in advance. Specify potential render target flags now for formats
* that we know should always be renderable.
* that we know should always be renderable, except when we are on virgl,
* we don't try this for three component textures, because the host might
* not support rendering to them, and then Gallium chooses a four component
* internal format and calls to e.g. glCopyImageSubData will fail for format
* that should be compatible.
if (_mesa_is_depth_or_stencil_format(internalFormat))
else if (is_renderbuffer || internalFormat == 3 || internalFormat == 4 ||
internalFormat == GL_RGB || internalFormat == GL_RGBA ||
internalFormat == GL_RGB8 || internalFormat == GL_RGBA8 ||
else if (is_renderbuffer ||
internalFormat == GL_RGBA ||
internalFormat == GL_RGBA8 ||
internalFormat == GL_BGRA ||
internalFormat == GL_RGB16F ||
internalFormat == GL_RGBA16F ||
internalFormat == GL_RGB32F ||
internalFormat == GL_RGBA32F)
internalFormat == GL_RGBA32F ||
((st->pipe->screen->get_param(st->pipe->screen, PIPE_CAP_DEVICE_ID) != 0x1010) &&
(internalFormat == 3 || internalFormat == 4 ||
internalFormat == GL_RGB ||
internalFormat == GL_RGB8 ||
internalFormat == GL_RGB16F ||
internalFormat == GL_RGB32F )))
/* GLES allows the driver to choose any format which matches
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