Commit c445b1d5 authored by Dylan Baker's avatar Dylan Baker
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meson: Use the same version for all libdrm checks

Currently each driver specifies it's own version, and core libdrm
specifies a version. In the most common case this is fine, since there
will be exactly one libdrm installed on a system, but if there are more
than one it's possible that mesa will be linked against different
versions of libdrm. There is also the possibility that the current
approach makes the pkg-config files we generate incorrect, since there
could be #defines that use newer features if they're available.

This patch corrects all of that. All of the versions are still set by
driver (along with a default core version). Then all of the drivers that
are enabled have their versions compared and the highest version is
selected, then all libdrm checks are made with that version.

v2: - Reorder the list to have the name first and whether the dependency
      is needed second (Eric)
Signed-off-by: default avatarDylan Baker <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarEric Engestrom <>
parent acadf06f
......@@ -1020,35 +1020,59 @@ dep_expat = dependency('expat')
# its not linux and and wont
dep_m = cc.find_library('m', required : false)
# Check for libdrm. various drivers have different libdrm version requirements,
# but we always want to use the same version for all libdrm modules. That means
# even if driver foo requires 2.4.0 and driver bar requires 2.4.3, if foo and
# bar are both on use 2.4.3 for both of them
dep_libdrm_amdgpu = []
dep_libdrm_radeon = []
dep_libdrm_nouveau = []
dep_libdrm_etnaviv = []
dep_libdrm_freedreno = []
dep_libdrm_intel = []
if with_dri_i915 or with_gallium_i915
dep_libdrm_intel = dependency('libdrm_intel', version : '>= 2.4.75')
if with_amd_vk or with_gallium_radeonsi
dep_libdrm_amdgpu = dependency('libdrm_amdgpu', version : '>= 2.4.91')
if (with_gallium_radeonsi or with_dri_r100 or with_dri_r200 or
with_gallium_r300 or with_gallium_r600)
dep_libdrm_radeon = dependency('libdrm_radeon', version : '>= 2.4.71')
if with_gallium_nouveau or with_dri_nouveau
dep_libdrm_nouveau = dependency('libdrm_nouveau', version : '>= 2.4.66')
if with_gallium_etnaviv
dep_libdrm_etnaviv = dependency('libdrm_etnaviv', version : '>= 2.4.82')
if with_gallium_freedreno
dep_libdrm_freedreno = dependency('libdrm_freedreno', version : '>= 2.4.91')
_drm_amdgpu_ver = '2.4.91'
_drm_radeon_ver = '2.4.71'
_drm_nouveau_ver = '2.4.66'
_drm_etnaviv_ver = '2.4.82'
_drm_freedreno_ver = '2.4.91'
_drm_intel_ver = '2.4.75'
_drm_ver = '2.4.75'
_libdrm_checks = [
['intel', with_dri_i915 or with_gallium_i915],
['amdgpu', with_amd_vk or with_gallium_radeonsi],
['radeon', (with_gallium_radeonsi or with_dri_r100 or with_dri_r200 or
with_gallium_r300 or with_gallium_r600)],
['nouveau', (with_gallium_nouveau or with_dri_nouveau)],
['etnaviv', with_gallium_etnaviv],
['freedreno', with_gallium_freedreno],
# Loop over the enables versions and get the highest libdrm requirement for all
# active drivers.
foreach d : _libdrm_checks
ver = get_variable('_drm_@0@_ver'.format(d[0]))
if d[1] and ver.version_compare('>' + _drm_ver)
_drm_ver = ver
# Then get each libdrm module
foreach d : _libdrm_checks
if d[1]
'dep_libdrm_' + d[0],
dependency('libdrm_' + d[0], version : '>=' + _drm_ver)
with_gallium_drisw_kms = false
dep_libdrm = dependency('libdrm', version : '>= 2.4.75',
required : with_dri2 or with_dri3)
dep_libdrm = dependency(
'libdrm', version : '>=' + _drm_ver,
required : with_dri2 or with_dri3
if dep_libdrm.found()
pre_args += '-DHAVE_LIBDRM'
if with_dri_platform == 'drm' and with_dri
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