Commit cae2bb76 authored by Brian Paul's avatar Brian Paul
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st/mesa: fix mipmap generation bug

In st_finalize_texture() we were looking at the st_texture_object::
lastLevel field instead of the pipe_resource::last_level field to
determine which resource to store the mipmap in.

Then, in st_generate_mipmap() we need to call st_finalize_texture() to
make sure the destination resource is properly allocated.

These changes fix the broken piglit fbo-generatemipmap-formats test.
parent c1095f0b
......@@ -1855,8 +1855,9 @@ st_finalize_texture(struct gl_context *ctx,
* will match.
if (firstImage->pt &&
stObj->pt &&
firstImage->pt != stObj->pt &&
firstImage->pt->last_level >= stObj->lastLevel) {
firstImage->pt->last_level >= stObj->pt->last_level) {
pipe_resource_reference(&stObj->pt, firstImage->pt);
pipe_sampler_view_reference(&stObj->sampler_view, NULL);
......@@ -370,6 +370,12 @@ st_generate_mipmap(struct gl_context *ctx, GLenum target,
pt = stObj->pt;
else {
/* Make sure that the base texture image data is present in the
* texture buffer.
st_finalize_texture(ctx, st->pipe, texObj);
assert(pt->last_level >= lastLevel);
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