Commit e08114fe authored by Roland Scheidegger's avatar Roland Scheidegger

gallivm: (trivial) git rid of assertion in float->uint conversion code

Commit 8c3d3622 introduced a new assertion,
but since it causes lp_test_conv failures remove it again and let's hope
we don't really hit bugs caused by the potentially bogus code (it is possible
the assert() caught some cases which work correctly too).
parent e847b5ae
......@@ -752,9 +752,10 @@ lp_build_conv(struct gallivm_state *gallivm,
* these functions will use fptosi in some form which won't work
* with 32bit uint dst.
* with 32bit uint dst. Causes lp_test_conv failures though.
assert(dst_type.sign || dst_type.width < 32);
if (0)
assert(dst_type.sign || dst_type.width < 32);
if (dst_type.sign && dst_type.norm && !dst_type.fixed) {
struct lp_build_context bld;
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