Commit f9d87592 authored by Topi Pohjolainen's avatar Topi Pohjolainen

i965/blorp: wrap MUL (/brw_MUL(&func, /emit_mul(/)

Signed-off-by: default avatarTopi Pohjolainen <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarPaul Berry <>
parent bbab8068
......@@ -1387,16 +1387,16 @@ brw_blorp_blit_program::translate_dst_to_src()
emit_mov(Xp_f, X);
emit_mov(Yp_f, Y);
/* Scale and offset */
brw_MUL(&func, X_f, Xp_f, x_transform.multiplier);
brw_MUL(&func, Y_f, Yp_f, y_transform.multiplier);
emit_mul(X_f, Xp_f, x_transform.multiplier);
emit_mul(Y_f, Yp_f, y_transform.multiplier);
emit_add(X_f, X_f, x_transform.offset);
emit_add(Y_f, Y_f, y_transform.offset);
if (key->blit_scaled && key->blend) {
/* Translate coordinates to lay out the samples in a rectangular grid
* roughly corresponding to sample locations.
brw_MUL(&func, X_f, X_f, brw_imm_f(key->x_scale));
brw_MUL(&func, Y_f, Y_f, brw_imm_f(key->y_scale));
emit_mul(X_f, X_f, brw_imm_f(key->x_scale));
emit_mul(Y_f, Y_f, brw_imm_f(key->y_scale));
/* Adjust coordinates so that integers represent pixel centers rather
* than pixel edges.
......@@ -1419,8 +1419,8 @@ brw_blorp_blit_program::translate_dst_to_src()
/* Round the float coordinates down to nearest integer */
brw_RNDD(&func, Xp_f, X_f);
brw_RNDD(&func, Yp_f, Y_f);
brw_MUL(&func, X_f, Xp_f, brw_imm_f(1 / key->x_scale));
brw_MUL(&func, Y_f, Yp_f, brw_imm_f(1 / key->y_scale));
emit_mul(X_f, Xp_f, brw_imm_f(1 / key->x_scale));
emit_mul(Y_f, Yp_f, brw_imm_f(1 / key->y_scale));
} else if (!key->bilinear_filter) {
/* Round the float coordinates down to nearest integer by moving to
......@@ -1576,7 +1576,7 @@ brw_blorp_blit_program::manual_blend_average(unsigned num_samples)
/* Scale the result down by a factor of num_samples */
/* TODO: should use a smaller loop bound for non-RGBA formats */
for (int j = 0; j < 4; ++j) {
brw_MUL(&func, offset(texture_data[0], 2*j),
emit_mul(offset(texture_data[0], 2*j),
offset(vec8(texture_data[0]), 2*j),
......@@ -1666,8 +1666,8 @@ brw_blorp_blit_program::manual_blend_bilinear(unsigned num_samples)
brw_FRC(&func, vec16(t1_f), x_sample_coords);
brw_FRC(&func, vec16(t2_f), y_sample_coords);
brw_MUL(&func, vec16(t1_f), t1_f, brw_imm_f(key->x_scale));
brw_MUL(&func, vec16(t2_f), t2_f, brw_imm_f(key->x_scale * key->y_scale));
emit_mul(vec16(t1_f), t1_f, brw_imm_f(key->x_scale));
emit_mul(vec16(t2_f), t2_f, brw_imm_f(key->x_scale * key->y_scale));
emit_add(vec16(t1_f), t1_f, t2_f);
emit_mov(vec16(S), t1_f);
......@@ -109,6 +109,13 @@ protected:
brw_set_compression_control(&func, BRW_COMPRESSION_COMPRESSED);
inline void emit_mul(const struct brw_reg& dst,
const struct brw_reg& src1,
const struct brw_reg& src2)
brw_MUL(&func, dst, src1, src2);
inline void emit_shr(const struct brw_reg& dst,
const struct brw_reg& src1,
const struct brw_reg& src2)
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