Commit fa75cc4b authored by José Fonseca's avatar José Fonseca

os/os_thread: Revert pipe_barrier pre-processing logic.

Whitelist platforms instead of blacklisting, as several pthread
implementations are missing pthread_barrier_t, in particular MacOSX.
parent cd978ce2
......@@ -130,7 +130,7 @@ typedef cnd_t pipe_condvar;
* pipe_barrier
#if defined(HAVE_PTHREAD) && !defined(PIPE_OS_ANDROID)
#if (defined(PIPE_OS_LINUX) || defined(PIPE_OS_BSD) || defined(PIPE_OS_SOLARIS) || defined(PIPE_OS_HURD)) && !defined(PIPE_OS_ANDROID)
typedef pthread_barrier_t pipe_barrier;
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