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    • John Hein's avatar
      Use GLUT_CFLAGS when building glut · 9617254a
      John Hein authored
      Fix this build error (in MesaGLUT-7.6.1)...
      glut_cmap.c:23:66: error: X11/Xmu/StdCmap.h: No such file or directory
      ...by not preventing the cflags that pkg-config finds for glut dependencies
      (including 'xmu') from being used.
      Defining GLUT_CFLAGS before running the pkg-config prevents the
      cflags found by pkg-config from being used.
      This patch lets GLUT_CFLAGS that configure & pkg-config work
      so hard to set actually get used.
      Also make sure the generated configs/autoconf defines GLUT_CFLAGS
      used in (at least) src/glut/glx/Makefile.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarDan Nicholson <dbn.lists@gmail.com>
  9. 29 Jun, 2010 1 commit
    • Chia-I Wu's avatar
      st/egl: Reorganize targets. · d8e0e114
      Chia-I Wu authored
      Merge all targets into targets/egl/.  The target produces
      egl_gallium_<HW>.so for each pipe driver and st_<API>.so for each client
      APIs.  This enables us to further merge egl_gallium_<HW>.so into
      egl_gallium.so later.
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    • Dan Nicholson's avatar
      osmesa: always build standalone for internal symbols · cbf30fce
      Dan Nicholson authored
      When building OSMesa and xlib GL, the resulting OSMesa would be linked
      against libGL instead of the internal mesa libraries. However, when
      building with -fvisibility=hidden, some of the internal functions used
      in OSMesa could not be resolved through libGL.
      Instead, always build OSMesa standalone without linking against libGL.
      This has the advantage that OSMesa is always built the same way, but it
      means that disk space is wasted when libGL is installed since both
      libraries will contain the internal objects.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarDan Nicholson <dbn.lists@gmail.com>
      Tested-by: default avatarTom Fogal <tfogal@alumni.unh.edu>
  18. 11 Jun, 2010 1 commit
    • Eric Anholt's avatar
      i965: Convert the binding table to streamed indirect state. · 73de09f2
      Eric Anholt authored
      This slightly reduces reduces cairo-gl firefox-talos-gfx runtime on my
      [ # ]  backend                         test   min(s) median(s) stddev. count
      [  0]       gl            firefox-talos-gfx   38.236   38.383   0.43%    5/6
      [  0]       gl            firefox-talos-gfx   37.799   38.203   0.39%    6/6
      It turns out the cost of caching these objects and looking them up in
      the cache again is greater than the cost of just computing the object
      again, particularly when the overhead of having a separate BO to pin
      is removed.
      (Those that are paying close attention will note that this is a
      reversal of the path I was moving the driver in a couple of years ago.
      The major thing that has changed is that back then all state was
      recomputed when we wrapped the streaming state buffer, including
      recompiling our precious programs.  Now, we're uncaching just the
      objects that are cheap to compute, and retaining caching of expensive
  19. 08 Jun, 2010 1 commit
    • Jakob Bornecrantz's avatar
      glew: Drop glew now that we don't need it for the progs · 0528106c
      Jakob Bornecrantz authored
       configs/beos           |    2 +-
       configs/darwin         |    2 +-
       configs/default        |    4 +-
       configs/freebsd-dri    |    2 +-
       configs/linux-cell     |    2 +-
       configs/linux-dri-xcb  |    2 +-
       configs/linux-indirect |    2 +-
       configure.ac           |    2 +-
       include/GL/glew.h      |14435 ------------------------------------------------
       include/GL/glxew.h     | 1476 -----
       include/GL/wglew.h     | 1247 -----
       src/SConscript         |    1 -
       src/glew/LICENSE.txt   |   73 -
       src/glew/Makefile      |   54 -
       src/glew/SConscript    |   69 -
       src/glew/glew.c        |14320 -----------------------------------------------
       src/glew/glewinfo.c    | 8441 ----------------------------
       src/glew/visualinfo.c  | 1173 ----
       18 files changed, 8 insertions(+), 41299 deletions(-)
      Revert "glew: update to version 1.5.4"
      This reverts commit a189b1c5.
      Revert "glew: Include X11 headers and libraries in SCons build."
      This reverts commit efdd3398.
      Revert "scons: Fix GLEW build on Mac OS X."
      This reverts commit 8f817691.
      Revert "scons: Use static glew library on Unices to avoid binary compatability issues"
      This reverts commit de22c940.
      Revert "glew: Update to version 1.5.2."
      This reverts commit aaf7ecfd.
      Revert "scons: Build glew on all platforms."
      This reverts commit 52eb3e42.
      Revert "scons: Put glut and glew shared libraries into build/xxx/bin or lib."
      This reverts commit 8a318edd.
      Didn't revert scons/gallium.py
      Revert "scons: Fix glew build on MSVC."
      This reverts commit 14a8c9da.
      Revert "scons: Build progs together with everything else."
      This reverts commit 7bbf7f94.
      Only changed src/glew/SConscript
      Revert "mesa: include glew headers in MesaDemos tarballs"
      This reverts commit c57d81dd.
      Revert "mesa: include GLEW sources in MesaDemos tarball"
      This reverts commit b9e2e32d.
      Revert "glew: correct misspelling of glFramebufferTextureLayer"
      This reverts commit 1b05b5b4.
      Revert "glew: fix GLEW_LIB_NAME"
      This reverts commit c10df26a.
      Revert "Add dummy install target for glew to fix 'make install'"
      This reverts commit c273dfe6.
      Revert "autoconf: Add GLEW needed by progs when building GLUT"
      This reverts commit 2977cee3.
      Revert "glew: Build it as a static lib."
      This reverts commit fcf9353f.
      Revert "glew: Initial import."
      This reverts commit 57d00016.
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    • Chia-I Wu's avatar
      gallium: Add egl-apis target. · 63ab2509
      Chia-I Wu authored
      The new target installs client API modules to EGL_DRIVER_INSTALL_DIR.
      They are used by st/egl.
      The client APIs are built from OpenGL and OpenVG state trackers.  For
      this to work, st/vega is modified to produce a static library,
      libvega.a, instead.  st/es is also not needed any more.  It is removed
      and --with-state-trackers=es is replaced by --enable-gles-overlay.
      As st/egl now has its own client API modules, this solves the ABI issue
      between st/egl and client APIs, as long as the client API modules are
      distributed with st/egl.  Plus, this allows st/egl to support OpenGL
      with non-Gallium libGL.so.
    • Chia-I Wu's avatar
      mapi: Merge src/gles/. · 3e1ccb25
      Chia-I Wu authored
      Remove src/gles and have mapi/{es1api,es2api} build libGLESv1_CM.so and
    • Chia-I Wu's avatar
      Define OpenGL ES and OpenVG library names. · 874ccd5d
      Chia-I Wu authored
      Define <API>_LIB, <API>_LIB_NAME, <API>_LIB_GLOB, and some other
      variables in the configs.  Fix a typo in glesv1_cm.pc.in where an
      inexistent variable is used.
  28. 07 May, 2010 1 commit
    • Chia-I Wu's avatar
      st/vega: Use vgapi. · 75143ef0
      Chia-I Wu authored
      Rename vgFooBar to vegaFooBar and use vgapi as the dispatcher.  This
      makes sure there is always a current context when the internal functions
      are called.  And eglGetProcAddress is finally supported.