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    • Luca Barbieri's avatar
      glsl: add pass to lower variable array indexing to conditional assignments · a47539c7
      Luca Barbieri authored
      Currenly GLSL happily generates indirect addressing of any kind of
      Unfortunately DirectX 9 GPUs are not guaranteed to support any of them in
      This pass fixes that by lowering such constructs to a binary search on the
      values, followed at the end by vectorized generation of equality masks, and
      4 conditional assignments for each mask generation.
      Note that this requires the ir_binop_equal change so that we can emit SEQ
      to generate the boolean masks.
      Unfortunately, ir_structure_splitting is too dumb to turn the resulting
      constant array references to individual variables, so this will need to
      be added too before this pass can actually be effective for temps.
      Several patches in the glsl2-lower-variable-indexing were squashed
      into this commit.  These patches fix bugs in Luca's original
      implementation, and the individual patches can be seen in that branch.
      This was done to aid bisecting in the future.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarIan Romanick <ian.d.romanick@intel.com>
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    • Ian Romanick's avatar
      glsl2: Add pass to remove redundant jumps · 8f2214f4
      Ian Romanick authored
    • Luca Barbieri's avatar
      glsl: add continue/break/return unification/elimination pass (v2) · 3361cbac
      Luca Barbieri authored
      Changes in v2:
      - Base class renamed to ir_control_flow_visitor
      - Tried to comply with coding style
      This is a new pass that supersedes ir_if_return and "lowers" jumps
      to if/else structures.
      Currently it causes no regressions on softpipe and nv40, but I'm not sure
      whether the piglit glsl tests are thorough enough, so consider this
      It can be asked to:
      1. Pull jumps out of ifs where possible
      2. Remove all "continue"s, replacing them with an "execute flag"
      3. Replace all "break" with a single conditional one at the end of the loop
      4. Replace all "return"s with a single return at the end of the function,
         for the main function and/or other functions
      This gives several great benefits:
      1. All functions can be inlined after this pass
      2. nv40 and other pre-DX10 chips without "continue" can be supported
      3. nv30 and other pre-DX10 chips with no control flow at all are better supported
      Note that for full effect we should also teach the unroller to unroll
      loops with a fixed maximum number of iterations but with the canonical
      conditional "break" that this pass will insert if asked to.
      Continues are lowered by adding a per-loop "execute flag", initialized to
      TRUE, that when cleared inhibits all execution until the end of the loop.
      Breaks are lowered to continues, plus setting a "break flag" that is checked
      at the end of the loop, and trigger the unique "break".
      Returns are lowered to breaks/continues, plus adding a "return flag" that
      causes loops to break again out of their enclosing loops until all the
      loops are exited: then the "execute flag" logic will ignore everything
      until the end of the function.
      Note that "continue" and "return" can also be implemented by adding
      a dummy loop and using break.
      However, this is bad for hardware with limited nesting depth, and
      prevents further optimization, and thus is not currently performed.
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