Commit 33a86acd authored by Charmaine Lee's avatar Charmaine Lee Committed by Brian Paul

svga: fix incompatible bind flags at buffer validation time

At buffer resource validation time, if the resource handle is not yet
created and if the initial buffer bind flags and the tobind flags are
incompatible, just use the tobind flags to create the resource handle.
On the other hand, if the bind flags are compatible, we can combine
the bind flags for the resource handle creation.

Fixes piglit gl-3.1-buffer-bindings crash.
Reviewed-by: 's avatarBrian Paul <>
parent 1261b34c
......@@ -1003,9 +1003,14 @@ svga_buffer_handle(struct svga_context *svga, struct pipe_resource *buf,
return NULL;
} else {
if (!sbuf->bind_flags) {
/* If there is no resource handle yet, then combine the buffer bind
* flags and the tobind_flags if they are compatible.
* If not, just use the tobind_flags for creating the resource handle.
if (compatible_bind_flags(sbuf->bind_flags, tobind_flags))
sbuf->bind_flags = sbuf->bind_flags | tobind_flags;
sbuf->bind_flags = tobind_flags;
assert((sbuf->bind_flags & tobind_flags) == tobind_flags);
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