Commit f64bfb2e authored by Ian Romanick's avatar Ian Romanick

mesa: Eliminate gl_shader_program::InternalSeparateShader

This was a work-around to allow linking a program with only a fragment
shader in a GLES context.  Now that we have GL_EXT_separate_shader_objects
in GLES contexts, we can just use that.
Signed-off-by: default avatarIan Romanick <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarEric Anholt <>
parent 7d9adef3
......@@ -2607,8 +2607,7 @@ link_shaders(struct gl_context *ctx, struct gl_shader_program *prog)
* fragment shader) is absent. So, the extension shouldn't change the
* behavior specified in GLSL specification.
if (!prog->InternalSeparateShader && !prog->SeparateShader
&& ctx->API == API_OPENGLES2) {
if (!prog->SeparateShader && ctx->API == API_OPENGLES2) {
if (prog->_LinkedShaders[MESA_SHADER_VERTEX] == NULL) {
linker_error(prog, "program lacks a vertex shader\n");
} else if (prog->_LinkedShaders[MESA_SHADER_FRAGMENT] == NULL) {
......@@ -1299,7 +1299,7 @@ create_new_program(struct gl_context *ctx, struct state_key *key)
* fixed function program in a GLES2 context at all, but that's a
* big mess to clean up.
p.shader_program->InternalSeparateShader = GL_TRUE;
p.shader_program->SeparateShader = GL_TRUE;
state->language_version = 130;
state->es_shader = false;
......@@ -2607,17 +2607,6 @@ struct gl_shader_program
GLboolean BinaryRetreivableHint;
* Flags that the linker should not reject the program if it lacks
* a vertex or fragment shader. GLES2 doesn't allow separate
* shader objects, and would reject them. However, we internally
* build separate shader objects for fixed function programs, which
* we use for drivers/common/meta.c and for handling
* _mesa_update_state with no program bound (for example in
* glClear()).
GLboolean InternalSeparateShader;
* Indicates whether program can be bound for individual pipeline stages
* using UseProgramStages after it is next linked.
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