Commit fa6ee2c2 authored by José Fonseca's avatar José Fonseca

scons: Allow to request the winddk toolchain.

parent 5c845b91
......@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ def AddOptions(opts):
opts.Add(EnumOption('platform', 'target platform', default_platform,
allowed_values=('linux', 'cell', 'windows', 'winddk', 'wince')))
opts.Add(EnumOption('toolchain', 'compiler toolchain', 'default',
allowed_values=('default', 'crossmingw')))
allowed_values=('default', 'crossmingw', 'winddk')))
opts.Add(BoolOption('llvm', 'use LLVM', 'no'))
opts.Add(BoolOption('dri', 'build DRI drivers', default_dri))
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