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    • José Fonseca's avatar
      mapi/glapi: Use ElementTree instead of libxml2. · 2de70fe2
      José Fonseca authored
      It is quite hard to meet the dependency of the libxml2 python bindings
      outside Linux, and in particularly on MacOSX; whereas ElementTree is
      part of Python's standard library.  ElementTree is more limited than
      libxml2: no DTD verification, defaults from DTD, or XInclude support,
      but none of these limitations is serious enough to justify using
      In fact, it was easier to refactor the code to use ElementTree than to
      try to get libxml2 python bindings.
      In the process, gl_item_factory class was refactored so that there is
      one method for each kind of object to be created, as it simplifies
      things substantially.
      I confirmed that precisely the same output is generated for GL/GLX/GLES.
      v2: Remove m4/ax_python_module.m4 as suggested by Matt Turner.
      Reviewed-by: default avatarIan Romanick <ian.d.romanick@intel.com>
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    • Chia-I Wu's avatar
      scons: Add support for GLES. · bb770af3
      Chia-I Wu authored
      GLES can be enabled by running scons with
        $ scons gles=yes
      When gles=yes is given, the build is changed in three ways.  First,
      libmesa.a will be built with FEATURE_ES1 and FEATURE_ES2.  This makes
      DRI drivers and libEGL support and advertise GLES support.  Second, GLES
      libraries will be created.  They are libGLESv1_CM, libGLESv2, and
      libglapi.  Last, libGL or opengl32 will link to libglapi.  This change
      is required as _glapi_* will be declared as __declspec(dllimport) in
      libmesa.a on windows.  libmesa.a expects those symbols to be defined in
      another DLL.  Due to this change to GL, GLES support is marked
      Note that GLES requires libxml2-python to generate some of its sources.
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    • José Fonseca's avatar
      scons: Revamp how to specify targets to build. · 601498ae
      José Fonseca authored
      Use scons target and dependency system instead of ad-hoc options.
      Now is simply a matter of naming what to build. For example:
        scons libgl-xlib
        scons libgl-gdi
        scons graw-progs
        scons llvmpipe
      and so on. And there is also the possibility of scepcified subdirs, e.g.
        scons src/gallium/drivers
      If nothing is specified then everything will be build.
      There might be some rough corners over the next days. Please bare with me.
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    • José Fonseca's avatar
      graw: Undo late loading of graw drivers. · 90437330
      José Fonseca authored
      Keith prefers a clean separation between graw applications and
      implementations, where apps do not link libgallium.a but instead
      get all functionality they need via graw interface.
      Although this is not incompatible with late loading of graw drivers, it
      it would make it very hard to maintain, as wrappers for every utility
      symbol exposed in graw would have to be written or generated somehow.
    • José Fonseca's avatar
      graw: Remove graw-null. · 43d94dba
      José Fonseca authored
      Pointless now that the graw tests can be built independently of any graw
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    • Vinson Lee's avatar
      scons: Include headers from the local include directory first. · 5fd97573
      Vinson Lee authored
      Certain headers, such as GL/glew.h, are in both the Mesa include and the
      default installed include directories. On recent distros the needed
      symbols can be found in both places. On older distros the installed
      headers could be lacking symbols, so for a header that exists in both
      places, the local one should be found first.
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