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    mesa: GL_MESA_framebuffer_flip_y extension [v4] · 318c2651
    Fritz Koenig authored
    Adds an extension to glFramebufferParameteri
    that will specify if the framebuffer is vertically
    flipped. Historically system framebuffers are
    vertically flipped and user framebuffers are not.
    Checking to see the state was done by looking at
    the name field.  This adds an explicit field.
      * updated spec language [for chadv]
      * correctly specifying ES 3.1 [for chadv]
      * refactor access to rb->Name [for jason]
      * handle GetFramebufferParameteriv [for chadv]
      * correct _mesa_GetMultisamplefv [for kusmabite]
      * update spec language [for chadv]
      * s/GLboolean/bool/g [for chadv]
      * s/InvertedY/FlipY/g [for chadv]
      * s/inverted_y/flip_y/g [for chadv]
      * assert changes [for chadv]
    Reviewed-by: default avatarChad Versace <chadversary@chromium.org>
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