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    gdb: fix logic of find_comp_unit and set_comp_unit · 0bc2e38d
    Simon Marchi authored
    The logic in find_comp_unit and set_comp_unit is reversed.  When the BFD
    requires relocation, we want to put the comp_unit structure in the
    map where the comp_unit objects are not shared, that is the one indexed
    by objfile.  If the BFD does not require relocation, then, we can share
    a single comp_unit structure for all users of that BFD, so we want to
    put it in the BFD-indexed map.  The comments on top of
    dwarf2_frame_bfd_data and dwarf2_frame_objfile_data make that clear.
    Fix it by swapping the two in find_comp_unit and set_comp_unit.
    I don't have a test for this, because I don't see how to write one in a
    reasonable amount of time.
    	PR gdb/26876
    	* dwarf2/frame.c (find_comp_unit, set_comp_unit): Reverse use of
    	dwarf2_frame_bfd_data and dwarf2_frame_objfile_data.
    Change-Id: I80c1ee7ad8425fa4947de65b170973d05f5a52ec
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