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    PR25191, internal error in _bfd_elf_set_section_contents · dd68a12b
    Alan Modra authored
    This PR copies a fuzzed PE input file to ELF output, in the process
    confusing the ELF backend by copying COFF-only section flags to the
    output.  SEC_COFF_SHARED has the same value as SEC_ELF_COMPRESS.  One
    approach to fixing this problem is of course not to reuse flag bits,
    but we've run out.  So this patch only copies section flags that are
    in the bfd_applicable_section_flags set when changing the flavour of
    the output file.
    	PR 25191
    	* objcopy.c (is_nondebug_keep_contents_section): Use bfd_get_flavour.
    	(copy_object): Likewise.
    	(setup_section): Likewise.  If flavour of input and output files
    	differ, restrict section flags to the intersection of input and
    	output bfd_applicable_section_flags.
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