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    Add an option to objcopy to change the alignment of sections. · fa463e9f
    Niklas G?rtler authored
    	PR 24942
    	* objcopy.c (SECTION_CONTEXT_SET_ALIGNMENT): New constant.
    	(struct section_list): Add alignment field.
    	(command_line_switch): Add OPTION_SET_SECTION_ALIGNMENT.
    	(copy_options): Add --set-section-alignment.
    	(copy_usage): Describe --set-section-alignment.
    	(find_section_list): Initialise the alignment field.
    	(setup_section): Handle the alignment field.
    	(copy_main): Handle OPTION_SET_SECTION_ALIGNMENT.
    	* doc/binutils.texi: Document the new feature.
    	* NEWS: Mention the new feature.
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