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This is the beta release of binutils for Linux, which is
based on binutils 2015 1114 master branch on plus
This is the beta release of binutils for Linux, which is
based on binutils 2016 0711 master branch on plus
various changes. It is purely for Linux.
All relevant patches in patches have been applied to the source tree.
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to arch/ia64/Makefile in your kernel source tree.
Please report any bugs related to binutils to
Please report any bugs related to binutils to
Changes from binutils
1. Update from binutils 2016 0711.
2. Add support for Intel RDPID instructions.
3. Add --enable-relro and make it the default for Linux targets.
PR 20283.
4. Make --enable-compressed-debug-sections=gas the default for
Linux/x86 targets.
5. Add --no-pad-sections option to gas.
6. Add -z noreloc-overflow option to x86-64 ld. PR 19807.
7. Speedup orphan placement for relocatable link. PR 19739.
8. Fix .weakref directive with defined symbol. PR 19498.
9. Fix assembler fegmentation fault on bad input. PR 19896.
10. Set sh_entsize on .init_array, .fini_array and .preinit_array
sections. PR 20118.
11. Treat common symbol in executable as definition. PR 19579.
12. Allow zero length archive elements. PR 19775.
13. Fix an --as-needed ld regression. PR 19886.
14. Don't create dynamic sections for relocatable output. PR 19789.
15. Always count the NULL entry in dynamic symbol table.
16. Handle symbols defined/referenced only within IR. PR 20070.
17. Enable 64-bit archives in ar and ranlib. PR 14625.
18. Improve symbol choice with objdump. PR 20337.
19. Don't retrieve version info from synthetic symbols. PR 20304.
20. Update objcopy to check corrupt binary. PRs 20089/20096.
21. Check corrupt binary with invalid sh_link field. PR 20063.
22. Strip global symbol defined in discarded section. PR 17550.
23. Fix a linker crash with -shared --gc-sections -u. PR 20306.
24. Properly handle dynamic reloc against normal symbol. PR 19939.
25. Update ld to warn for duplicated plugin. PR 20321.
26. Updated ld to use the IR symbol table for the IR input object. PRs
27. Update ld to properly handle common symbol with LTO. PR 20276.
28. Handle thin archives with LTO. PR 20241.
29. Don't claim new IR symbols after all IR symbols have been claimed.
PR 20103.
30. Handle indirect branches for AMD64 and Intel64 in x86-64 assembler
and disassembler. PR binutis/18386.
31. Don't use vec_disp8 encoding with the .d32 suffix. PR 19909.
32. Improve x86-64 disassembler. PRs 19983/19984.
33. Improve ".arch .noXXX" directives in x86 assembler. PR 20145.
34. Require another match for AVX512VL in x86 assembler. PR 20140.
35. Enable VREX for AVX512 directives in x86 assembler. PR 20141.
36. Preserve addend for R_386_GOT32 and R_X86_64_GOT32 in x86 assembler.
PR 19600.
37. Update ld to remove PLT entry for IFUNC function via GOT. PR 20253.
38. Don't check undefined symbols for relocations against x86 IFUNC
39. Update x86 ld to skip relocations in non-loaded, non-alloced sections.
40. Update i386 ld to handle "op $imm, bar@GOT". PR 20244.
41. Update x86 ld to support dynamic TLS models with indirect call.
42. Properly override IFUNC symbols in executales. PRs 16467/20159.
43. Don't convert R_386_GOT32 relocation. PR 20117.
44. Don't convert GOTPCREL relocation against large section. PR 20093.
45. Updated x86-64 ld to Skip debug sections when estimating distances.
PR 20006.
46. Check run-time R_X86_64_32 relocation overflow. PR 19969.
47. Update x86 ld to check ELF relocs after opening all input files.
48. Updated x86 ld to bind defined symbol locally in PIE. PR 19827.
49. Updated x86 ld to handle local IFUNC symbols in shared object. PR
50. Improve gold support.
51. Improve COFF support.
52. Improve freebsd support.
53. Improve Solaris support.
54. Add dlx support.
55. Improve arc support.
56. Improve arm support.
57. Improve avr support.
58. Improve bfin upport.
59. Improve ft32 support.
60. Improve hppa support.
61. Improve msp430 support.
62. Improve mips support.
63. Improve ppc support.
64. Improve s390 support.
65. Improve sparc support.
66. Improve z8k support.
Changes from binutils
1. Update from binutils 2016 0226.
......@@ -1241,7 +1320,7 @@ already been defined. PR 12001.
16. Improve ppc support.
17. Improve tic6x support.
It is available as users/hjl/linux/release/ tag at
It is available as users/hjl/linux/release/ tag at;a=summary
......@@ -1250,4 +1329,4 @@ Thanks.
H.J. Lu
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