Commit 184cfdd6 authored by Vivek Das Mohapatra's avatar Vivek Das Mohapatra
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Implement and document DF_1_UNIQUE handling in gold

parent c5b1d25f
......@@ -5351,6 +5351,8 @@ Layout::finish_dynamic_section(const Input_objects* input_objects,
flags |= elfcpp::DF_1_NOW;
if (parameters->options().Bgroup())
flags |= elfcpp::DF_1_GROUP;
if (parameters->options().unique())
flags |= elfcpp::DF_1_UNIQUE;
if (flags != 0)
odyn->add_constant(elfcpp::DT_FLAGS_1, flags);
......@@ -1459,6 +1459,9 @@ class General_options
DEFINE_bool(interpose, options::DASH_Z, '\0', false,
N_("Mark object to interpose all DSOs but executable"),
DEFINE_bool(unique, options::DASH_Z, '\0', false,
N_("Mark DSO to be loaded at most once, and only in the main namespace"),
N_("Do not mark the DSO as one to be loaded only in the main namespace"));
DEFINE_bool_alias(lazy, now, options::DASH_Z, '\0',
N_("Mark object for lazy runtime binding"),
NULL, true);
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