Commit 2e39bde3 authored by David MacKenzie's avatar David MacKenzie
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Thu Jun 24 13:48:13 1993 David J. Mackenzie (
* (.c.o, chew.o): Put CFLAGS last.
* bfdsumm.texi: New file, broken out of bfd.texinfo, to share
with ld.texinfo.
Mon Jun 14 12:07:07 1993 david d `zoo' zuhn (zoo at
* (install-info): remove parentdir cruft,
Wed Jun 9 16:00:32 1993 Jim Kingdon (
* (mostlyclean): Remove chew.o.
Tue May 25 14:46:58 1993 Ken Raeburn (
* (libbfd.h): Use elfcode.h, not elf32.c.
Mon May 24 15:50:07 1993 Ken Raeburn (
* chew.c (compile): Add a couple of missing casts.
Wed May 12 14:45:14 1993 Ian Lance Taylor (
* (CC_FOR_BUILD): New variable, define to be $(CC).
(chew.o, $(MKDOC)): Build using CC_FOR_BUILD rather than CC, since
it must run on the build machine.
Tue Apr 6 22:38:10 1993 John Gilmore (
* (chew): Don't compile from .c to executable in a
single step; it puts a temporary .o filename into the executable,
which makes multi-stage comparisons fail. Compile chew.c to
chew.o, and link that, which makes identical executables every time.
Wed Mar 24 17:26:29 1993 david d `zoo' zuhn (zoo at
* fix typo (bfd.texinfo not bfd.texino)
Fri Mar 19 01:13:00 1993 Ken Raeburn (
* bfd.texinfo: Since BFD version number has been bumped, do same
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