Commit 2ebd05b8 authored by Maciej W. Rozycki's avatar Maciej W. Rozycki
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MIPS/LD: Correct `mips-*-windiss' target emulation configuration

Fix an issue with commit 73934d31 ("Disable .gnu.hash on MIPS
targets"), <>,
which in turn caused a regression with commit 861fb55a ("Defer
allocation of R_MIPS_REL32 GOT slots"),
<>, and use
`mipself.em' as the extra emulation file for `mips-*-windiss' targets,
removing a segmentation fault triggered as `_bfd_mips_elf_final_link'
calls `htab_traverse' to process LA25 stubs with `htab->la25_stubs'
being NULL.  This is in turn due to `_bfd_mips_elf_init_stubs' not
having been called, which is only done by `mipself.em'.  No LA25 stubs
are supposed to be produced for `mips-*-windiss' targets, however the
internal data structures have to be initialized.

	* emulparams/ (EXTRA_EM_FILE): Set to
parent 1e3f5548
2018-01-26 Maciej W. Rozycki <>
* emulparams/ (EXTRA_EM_FILE): Set to
2018-01-25 Eric Botcazou <>
* testsuite/ld-sparc/sparc.exp (32-bit: Helper shared library):
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