Commit 60a7223f authored by Alexander Fedotov's avatar Alexander Fedotov Committed by Simon Marchi
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gdbsupport: Use LOCALAPPDATA to determine cache dir

Use the LOCALAPPDATA environment variable to determine the cache dir
when running on Windows with native command line, otherwise nasty
warning "Couldn't determine a path for index cached directory" appears.

Change-Id: I77903f9f0cb4743555866b8aea892cef55132589
parent b46551b2
2020-12-08 Alexander Fedotov <>
* (get_standard_cache_dir): Use LOCALAPPDATA environment
variable when running on Windows.
2020-12-01 Andrew Burgess <>
* (print_xml_feature::visit): Print enum fields using
......@@ -238,6 +238,16 @@ get_standard_cache_dir ()
return string_printf ("%s/" HOME_CACHE_DIR "/gdb", abs.get ());
#ifdef WIN32
const char *win_home = getenv ("LOCALAPPDATA");
if (win_home != NULL)
/* Make sure the path is absolute and tilde-expanded. */
gdb::unique_xmalloc_ptr<char> abs (gdb_abspath (win_home));
return string_printf ("%s/gdb", abs.get ());
return {};
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