Commit 6594e122 authored by Alan Hayward's avatar Alan Hayward
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AArch64: Ensure lwp info is created zeroed

The code to not set empty hardware BPs/WPs on new threads will only work
if the newly allocated struct is empty.

Ensure the structure is created zeroed.

This patch removes the remaining racy behaviour on gdb.threads tests
when run on AArch64 Ubuntu.


	* nat/aarch64-linux.c (aarch64_linux_new_thread): Replace XNEW
	with XCNEW.
parent d9938630
2019-01-23 Alan Hayward <>
* nat/aarch64-linux.c (aarch64_linux_new_thread): Replace XNEW
with XCNEW.
2019-01-22 Tom Tromey <>
* corelow.c: Do not include sys/file.h.
......@@ -76,7 +76,7 @@ aarch64_linux_new_thread (struct lwp_info *lwp)
ptid_t ptid = ptid_of_lwp (lwp);
struct aarch64_debug_reg_state *state
= aarch64_get_debug_reg_state ( ());
struct arch_lwp_info *info = XNEW (struct arch_lwp_info);
struct arch_lwp_info *info = XCNEW (struct arch_lwp_info);
/* If there are hardware breakpoints/watchpoints in the process then mark that
all the hardware breakpoint/watchpoint register pairs for this thread need
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