Commit 94b24c74 authored by Simon Marchi's avatar Simon Marchi
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gdb: pass inferior to get_linux_inferior_data

Pass to get_linux_inferior_data the inferior for which we want to obtain
the linux-specific data, rather than assuming the current inferior.
This helps slightly reduce the diff in the upcoming main patch.

Update the sole caller to pass the current inferior.


	* linux-tdep.c (get_linux_inferior_data): Add inferior
	(linux_vsyscall_range): Pass current inferior.

Change-Id: Ie4b61190e4a2e89b5b55a140cfecd4de66d92393
parent bab37966
2020-12-04 Simon Marchi <>
* linux-tdep.c (get_linux_inferior_data): Add inferior
(linux_vsyscall_range): Pass current inferior.
2020-12-04 Simon Marchi <>
* infrun.c (displaced_step_prepare_throw): Change return type to
......@@ -217,13 +217,11 @@ invalidate_linux_cache_inf (struct inferior *inf)
valid INFO pointer. */
static struct linux_info *
get_linux_inferior_data (void)
get_linux_inferior_data (inferior *inf)
struct linux_info *info;
struct inferior *inf = current_inferior ();
linux_info *info = linux_inferior_data.get (inf);
info = linux_inferior_data.get (inf);
if (info == NULL)
if (info == nullptr)
info = linux_inferior_data.emplace (inf);
return info;
......@@ -2407,7 +2405,7 @@ linux_vsyscall_range_raw (struct gdbarch *gdbarch, struct mem_range *range)
static int
linux_vsyscall_range (struct gdbarch *gdbarch, struct mem_range *range)
struct linux_info *info = get_linux_inferior_data ();
struct linux_info *info = get_linux_inferior_data (current_inferior ());
if (info->vsyscall_range_p == 0)
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