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Initial creation of sourceware repository

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# gdbwin.o and ser-win32s.c have to be named because they have
# _initialize functions that need to be found by init.c
# gui.ores has to be named, or else msvc won't link it in.
mswin/gdbwin.o \
mswin/ser-win32s.o \
mswin/gui.ores \
rootme=`pwd` ; export rootme ; \
( cd mswin ; \
$(MAKE) $(FLAGS_TO_PASS) all )
@set GDBVN 4.18
File added
This is Info file ./, produced by Makeinfo version 1.68 from
the input file gdb.texinfo.
* Gdb: (gdb). The GNU debugger.
This file documents the GNU debugger GDB.
This is the Seventh Edition, February 1999, of `Debugging with GDB:
the GNU Source-Level Debugger' for GDB Version 4.18.
Copyright (C) 1988-1999 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Permission is granted to make and distribute verbatim copies of this
manual provided the copyright notice and this permission notice are
preserved on all copies.
Permission is granted to copy and distribute modified versions of
this manual under the conditions for verbatim copying, provided also
that the entire resulting derived work is distributed under the terms
of a permission notice identical to this one.
Permission is granted to copy and distribute translations of this
manual into another language, under the above conditions for modified

Indirect: 991 48295 96814 145217 193677 235496 284239 332485 381855 404259

Tag Table:
Node: Top991
Node: Summary9590
Node: Free Software11196
Node: Contributors11950
Node: Sample Session17994
Node: Invocation24864
Node: Invoking GDB25337
Node: File Options27232
Node: Mode Options30398
Node: Quitting GDB32594
Node: Shell Commands33460
Node: Commands34202
Node: Command Syntax34839
Node: Completion36719
Node: Help41039
Node: Running45347
Node: Compilation46483
Node: Starting48295
Node: Arguments51468
Node: Environment52472
Node: Working Directory55568
Node: Input/Output56308
Node: Attach57913
Node: Kill Process60341
Node: Process Information61311
Node: Threads62643
Node: Processes67288
Node: Stopping68520
Node: Breakpoints69669
Node: Set Breaks72514
Node: Set Watchpoints81021
Node: Set Catchpoints84382
Node: Delete Breaks87850
Node: Disabling89517
Node: Conditions92204
Node: Break Commands96814
Node: Breakpoint Menus99690
Node: Continuing and Stepping101366
Node: Signals108708
Node: Thread Stops112376
Node: Stack115697
Node: Frames117250
Node: Backtrace119981
Node: Selection121713
Node: Frame Info124449
Node: Alpha/MIPS Stack126745
Node: Source127800
Node: List128749
Node: Search132289
Node: Source Path133092
Node: Machine Code135773
Node: Data138692
Node: Expressions140567
Node: Variables142512
Node: Arrays145217
Node: Output Formats147742
Node: Memory149813
Node: Auto Display154077
Node: Print Settings157832
Node: Value History167759
Node: Convenience Vars170170
Node: Registers172953
Node: Floating Point Hardware177655
Node: Languages178158
Node: Setting179262
Node: Filenames180870
Node: Manually181624
Node: Automatically182822
Node: Show183873
Node: Checks185171
Node: Type Checking186527
Node: Range Checking189239
Node: Support191580
Node: C192520
Node: C Operators193677
Node: C Constants197758
Node: Cplus expressions199745
Node: C Defaults202223
Node: C Checks202885
Node: Debugging C203602
Node: Debugging C plus plus204107
Node: Modula-2206105
Node: M2 Operators206992
Node: Built-In Func/Proc210005
Node: M2 Constants212744
Node: M2 Defaults214333
Node: Deviations214928
Node: M2 Checks216015
Node: M2 Scope216815
Node: GDB/M2217824
Node: Symbols218763
Node: Altering225625
Node: Assignment226593
Node: Jumping228720
Node: Signaling230853
Node: Returning231975
Node: Calling233167
Node: Patching233961
Node: GDB Files235031
Node: Files235496
Node: Symbol Errors245168
Node: Targets248747
Node: Active Targets249697
Node: Target Commands251285
Node: Byte Order259363
Node: Remote260347
Node: Remote Serial261803
Node: Stub Contents264411
Node: Bootstrapping266512
Node: Debug Session270308
Node: Protocol273453
Node: Server276726
Node: NetWare280772
Node: i960-Nindy Remote282734
Node: Nindy Startup283554
Node: Nindy Options284239
Node: Nindy Reset285853
Node: UDI29K Remote286237
Node: EB29K Remote287142
Node: Comms (EB29K)287960
Node: gdb-EB29K291139
Node: Remote Log292505
Node: ST2000 Remote292980
Node: VxWorks Remote294448
Node: VxWorks Connection296408
Node: VxWorks Download297334
Node: VxWorks Attach299063
Node: Sparclet Remote299453
Node: Sparclet File300901
Node: Sparclet Connection301773
Node: Sparclet Download302243
Node: Sparclet Execution303281
Node: Hitachi Remote303864
Node: Hitachi Boards304792
Node: Hitachi ICE305855
Node: Hitachi Special306643
Node: MIPS Remote307369
Node: Simulator311666
Node: Controlling GDB313222
Node: Prompt313833
Node: Editing314631
Node: History315400
Node: Screen Size318099
Node: Numbers319497
Node: Messages/Warnings320899
Node: Sequences322907
Node: Define323487
Node: Hooks326671
Node: Command Files328069
Node: Output330078
Node: Emacs332485
Node: GDB Bugs338431
Node: Bug Criteria339153
Node: Bug Reporting340040
Node: Command Line Editing347326
Node: Introduction and Notation347991
Node: Readline Interaction349025
Node: Readline Bare Essentials350213
Node: Readline Movement Commands351749
Node: Readline Killing Commands352710
Node: Readline Arguments354421
Node: Searching355391
Node: Readline Init File356969
Node: Readline Init File Syntax358011
Node: Conditional Init Constructs366872
Node: Sample Init File369306
Node: Bindable Readline Commands372471
Node: Commands For Moving373217
Node: Commands For History374060
Node: Commands For Text376807
Node: Commands For Killing378588
Node: Numeric Arguments380733
Node: Commands For Completion381855
Node: Keyboard Macros383336
Node: Miscellaneous Commands383890
Node: Readline vi Mode386689
Node: Using History Interactively387532
Node: History Interaction387887
Node: Event Designators388839
Node: Word Designators389484
Node: Modifiers390392
Node: Formatting Documentation391062
Node: Installing GDB394433
Node: Separate Objdir397915
Node: Config Names400485
Node: Configure Options401927
Node: Index404259

End Tag Table
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This is Info file, produced by Makeinfo version 1.68 from
the input file ./gdbint.texinfo.
* Gdb-Internals: (gdbint). The GNU debugger's internals.
This file documents the internals of the GNU debugger GDB.
Copyright 1990-1999 Free Software Foundation, Inc. Contributed by
Cygnus Solutions. Written by John Gilmore. Second Edition by Stan
Permission is granted to make and distribute verbatim copies of this
manual provided the copyright notice and this permission notice are
preserved on all copies.
Permission is granted to copy or distribute modified versions of this
manual under the terms of the GPL (for which purpose this text may be
regarded as a program in the language TeX).

Indirect: 765 41815 91701

Tag Table:
Node: Top765
Node: Requirements1371
Node: Overall Structure2858
Node: Algorithms6131
Node: User Interface11141
Node: Symbol Handling12259
Node: Language Support26156
Node: Host Definition31366
Node: Target Architecture Definition41815
Node: Target Vector Definition64431
Node: Native Debugging66989
Node: Support Libraries77194
Node: Coding78904
Node: Porting GDB91701
Node: Hints94412
Node: Getting Started94711
Node: Debugging GDB98842

End Tag Table
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