Commit 9ebb9ec8 authored by Doug Evans's avatar Doug Evans
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fix sanitization of m32r-desc.c,m32r-desc.h,m32r-ibld.c,m32r-opinst.c

parent dc3623dc
......@@ -433,7 +433,7 @@ fi
# After 99r1, the sanitization will be removed.
# N.B. there is special sanitization going on here to remove PIPE_[A-Z]*.
cygnus_files="ChangeLog m32r-opc.c m32r-opc.h m32r-dis.c m32r-asm.c"
cygnus_files="ChangeLog m32r-desc.c m32r-desc.h m32r-opc.c m32r-opc.h m32r-dis.c m32r-asm.c m32r-ibld.c m32r-opinst.c"
if ( echo $* | grep keep\-cygnus > /dev/null ) ; then
for i in $cygnus_files ; do
if test -f $i && (grep sanitize-cygnus $i > /dev/null) ; then
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