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2004-01-27 Michael Chastain <>

	* PROBLEMS: add gdb/1516.
parent 48184fd4
2004-01-27 Michael Chastain <>
* PROBLEMS: add gdb/1516.
2003-12-29 Robert Millan <>
Patch committed by Andrw Cagney.
......@@ -23,6 +23,18 @@ Fortunately the ARM target, in the GDB's mainline sources, has been
updated so people encountering problems should consider downloading a
more current GDB (
gdb/1516: [regression] local classes, gcc 2.95.3, dwarf-2
With gcc 2.95.3 and the dwarf-2 debugging format, classes which are
defined locally to a function include the demangled name of the function
as part of their name. For example, if a function "foobar" contains a
local class definition "Local", gdb will say that the name of the class
type is "foobar__Fi.0:Local".
This applies only to classes where the class type is defined inside a
function, not to variables defined with types that are defined somewhere
outside any function (which most types are).
gdb/1091: Constructor breakpoints ignored
gdb/1193: g++ 3.3 creates multiple constructors: gdb 5.3 can't set breakpoints
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