Commit ccf04c82 authored by Nick Clifton's avatar Nick Clifton
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fix typo.

parent 04a866f2
1999-05-29 Nick Clifton <>
* readelf.c (dump_relocations): Fix typo.
1999-05-28 Nick Clifton <>
* readelf.c (dump_relocations): Add extra parameter: is_rela to
......@@ -377,7 +377,7 @@ guess_is_rela (e_machine)
/* Display the contents of the relocation data
found at the specified offset. */
static int
dump_relocations (file, rel_offset, rel_size, symtab, strtabm, is_rela)
dump_relocations (file, rel_offset, rel_size, symtab, strtab, is_rela)
FILE * file;
unsigned long rel_offset;
unsigned long rel_size;
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