Commit cd24f626 authored by Joel Brobecker's avatar Joel Brobecker
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* PROBLEMS: Document threads/2137.

parent 85b4c6e8
2006-07-14 Joel Brobecker <>
* PROBLEMS: Document threads/2137.
2006-07-13 Mark Kettenis <>
* config/alpha/tm-nbsd.h: Remove file.
Known problems in GDB 6.3
Known problems in GDB 6.5
See also:
......@@ -98,3 +98,7 @@ to an internal error.
This problem does not occur on newer systems that use the NPTL
library, and did not occur with GDB 6.1.
threads/2137: Native Solaris Thread Debugging broken.
Use GDB 6.4 if thread debugging is needed on Solaris.
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