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This is the beta release of binutils for Linux, which is
based on binutils 2014 0127 master branch on plus
This is the beta release of binutils for Linux, which is
based on binutils 2014 0923 master branch on plus
various changes. It is purely for Linux.
All relevant patches in patches have been applied to the source tree.
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to arch/ia64/Makefile in your kernel source tree.
Please report any bugs related to binutils to
Please report any bugs related to binutils to
Changes from binutils
1. Update from binutils 2014 0923.
2. Update Intel AVX-512 instruction support to July, 2014.
3. Support Intel secure enclave instruction.
4. Support Intel clflushopt instruction.
5. Support Intel xsavec/xrstors instructions.
6. Fix an x86 linker crash with --just-symbols. PR ld/17306.
7. Improve x86 PLT entry matching. PR binutils/17154.
8. Fix an x86 GNU2 TLS linker bug. PR ld/17057.
9. Update x86-64 linker to create alternate PLT entries for MPX.
10. Update x86 assembler to disallow VEX/EVEX encoded instructions in
16-bit mode. PR gas/17421.
11. Improve prefix handling in x86 disassembler. PR binutils/16893.
12. Update x86 disassembler to properly handle suffix for iret and sysret
in Intel mode.
13. Update x86 disassembler to properly handle prefixes before fwait.
PR binutils/16891.
14. Fix an AVX512 gather/scatter x86 disassembler bug. PR
15. Add -momit-lock-prefix option to x86 assembler.
16. Fix nm on mixed IR/non-IR input objects.
17. Fix a --just-symbols linker bug. PR ld/17313.
18. Fix a bad .eh-frame section bug with LTO and non-LTO objects. PR
19. Improve linker EH frame support
20. Fix a linker .gnu.warning bug with LTO objects. PR ld/16746.
21. Improve support for slim LTO objects. PR ld/13227.
22. Fix a linker crash when MALLOC_PERTURB_ is set. PR ld/17047.
23. Fix a wrapped symbol linker bug. PR ld/16910.
24. Fix a linker bug on object with separate debug file. PR ld/16867.
25. Fix an incorrect error message linker bug. PR ld/16787.
26. Fix an incorrect warning message linker bug. PR ld/16756.
27. Fix a linker bug on LTO objects with TLS. PR ld/16846.
28. Fix the 32-bit linker on large file (~2 Gb). PR ld/16803.
29. Fix a garbage collection linker bug. PR ld/16643.
30. Fix a garbage collection linker bug with --dynamic-list. PR
31. Properly handle DW_CFA_restore_state in DWARF dumper. PR
32. Fix a strip bug. PR binutils/16811.
33. Update ar/nm to load automatically if available. PR
34. Check corrupt section names in readelf. PR binutils/16664.a
35. Add NT_GNU_GOLD_VERSION support to readelf. PR binutils/16444.
36. Update assembler to honour #line directives inside macros. PR
37. Improve linker supprot for --as-needed and --start-group/--end-group.
PR ld/17068.
38. Honor "-z noexecstack" for "ld -r". PR ld/16744.
39. Honor --no-demangle for "ld --cref". PR ld/16569.
40. Improve gold.
41. Improve Windows support.
42. Improve MacOS support.
43. Improve aarch64 support.
44. Improve alpha support.
45. Improve arm support.
46. Improve avr support.
47. Improve cris support.
48. Improve m68k support.
49. Improve metag support.
50. Improve mips support.
51. Improve mmix support.
52. Improve msp430 support.
53. Improve nds32 support.
54. Improve nios2 support.
55. Improve or1k support.
56. Improve ppc/ppc64 support.
57. Improve rl78 support.
58. Improve rx support.
59. Improve s390 support.
60. Improve sh support.
61. Improve sparc support.
62. Improve v850 support.
63. Improve xtensa support.
Changes from binutils
1. Update from binutils 2014 0127.
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16. Improve ppc support.
17. Improve tic6x support.
The file list:
1. binutils- Source code.
The primary sites for the beta Linux binutils are:
It is also available as hjl/linux/release/ tag at
It is available as hjl/linux/release/ tag at;a=summary
......@@ -896,4 +964,4 @@ Thanks.
H.J. Lu
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