1. 27 Apr, 1999 1 commit
  2. 26 Apr, 1999 3 commits
  3. 16 Apr, 1999 3 commits
  4. 15 Feb, 1999 1 commit
  5. 12 Feb, 1999 2 commits
  6. 11 Feb, 1999 9 commits
  7. 10 Feb, 1999 2 commits
    • Stan Shebs's avatar
      Declare Gould configuration obsolete: · baf6de2e
      Stan Shebs authored
      	* configure.host, configure.tgt: Comment out Gould configs.
      	* Makefile.in: Comment out Gould-related actions.
      	* gould-xdep.c, gould-tdep.c, config/gould/*: Comment out.
      	* NEWS: Mention obsolete status.
      And the first one bites the dust...
    • Christopher Faylor's avatar
      Fix a typo. · dc3623dc
      Christopher Faylor authored
  8. 09 Feb, 1999 6 commits
    • Martin Hunt's avatar
      1999-02-09 Martin Hunt <hunt@cygnus.com> · 945df66a
      Martin Hunt authored
      	* gdbtk-hooks.c: Remove gdbtk_ignorable_warning prototype.
      	It is in gdbtk.h.
      	(report_error): New function. Displays debugging information
      	if a hook function fails.  All hook functions should probably
      	call this.
      	(gdbtk_warning): Call report_error() if there is a problem.
      	(gdbtk_register_changed): Call report_error() if there is a problem.
      	(gdbtk_memory_changed): Call report_error() if there is a problem.
      	(gdbtk_ignorable_warning): Pass along class argument. If there
      	is a problem, call report_error().
      	* gdbtk-cmds.c: Remove TclDebug prototype.  It is in gdbtk.h.
      	(gdb_loadfile): Add class name to gdbtk_ignorable_warning call.
      	* gdbtk.c (TclDebug): Add "priority" argument. Calls "dbug"
      	instead of "debug". Removed non-ANSI ifdefs.
      	* gdbtk.h: Fixed protos for gdbtk_ignorable_warning and TclDebug.
    • Jim Blandy's avatar
      *** empty log message *** · 8741159f
      Jim Blandy authored
    • DJ Delorie's avatar
      * sparcl-tdep.c: UDP download works in cygwin · 9cc267de
      DJ Delorie authored
    • Jason Molenda's avatar
      1999-02-08 Jason Molenda (jsm@bugshack.cygnus.com) · 8aad4bd6
      Jason Molenda authored
              * gnu-regex.c: Check ENABLE_NLS instead of HAVE_LIBINTL_H.
              * configure.in: Don't check for libintl.h.
              * configure, config.in: Regenerated.
      Fixes a problem on debian systems, a conflict between the
      /usr/include/libintl.h and the routines that are actually linked in,
      up in ../intl.
    • Stan Shebs's avatar
    • Stan Shebs's avatar
      * gdb.texinfo: Fix mistakes noticed in printout of last · 229c5cdb
      Stan Shebs authored
      	draft, add Alpha to discussion of heuristic fence post.
  9. 08 Feb, 1999 2 commits
  10. 07 Feb, 1999 1 commit
  11. 06 Feb, 1999 4 commits
    • Jim Ingham's avatar
      1999-02-05 James Ingham <jingham@cygnus.com> · b11485da
      Jim Ingham authored
              * Makefile.in: Add GDBTK_CFLAGS - this is now used to hold
              -fwritable-strings when compiling with Tk8.1.
              * configure.in: Add GDBTK_CFLAGS, set it to -fwritable-strings for
              Tcl/Tk8.1 & greater.
              * acinclude.m4: Move the rest of the defines to find Itcl, Itk &
              Tix from aclocal.m4 to here.
              * aclocal.m4: regenerate.
              * configure: regenerate.
              * gdbtk-hooks.c (x_event): Tcl_ObjGetVar2 was removed from
              Tcl8.1.  Use Tcl_GetVar2 instead.
              * gdbtk-hooks.c (gdbtk_trace_find): Fix up call to
              Tcl_GlobalEvalObj for Tcl/Tk 8.1.
              * gdbtk-hooks.c (gdbtk_trace_start_stop): Call to Tcl_EvalObj was
              inefficient, replace with call to Tcl_GlobalEval.
              * gdbtk.c: Don't swap out the Tcl_Alloc calls in gdbtk.c.  We took
              care of that in Tcl itself for 8.1.
              * gdbtk.c: Remove const from the script string since Tcl8.1 has
              taken to scribbling sentinals into strings passed to it again...
              * gdbtk-cmds.c (wrapped_call): Change declaration of 1st arg from
              char * to PTR to eliminate warning.
              * gdbtk-cmds.c (perror_with_name_wrapper): Ditto
    • Stan Shebs's avatar
      Actually part of gdb.texinfo change. · 77e31892
      Stan Shebs authored
    • Stan Shebs's avatar
      * gdb.texinfo: Many changes; update to Seventh Edition, · c1a227bf
      Stan Shebs authored
      	merge some HP changes into mainline, describe some previously
      	undocumented features, describe more of the target commands
      	available, eliminate obsolete section on renamed commands.
      	* all-cfg.texi, HPPA-cfg.texi: Remove some obsolete conditionals.
    • Stan Shebs's avatar
      * NEWS: Add mentions of various new things. · 0ee74219
      Stan Shebs authored
  12. 05 Feb, 1999 2 commits
    • Jason Molenda's avatar
      1999-02-04 Jason Molenda (jsm@bugshack.cygnus.com) · bdb7b085
      Jason Molenda authored
              * gdb.base/miscexprs.exp: Change patterns to match GDB's
              actual output formatting.
              * gdb.base/smoke.exp: GDB removes leading 0's.
              * gdb.base/volatile.exp: Don't check type of remuneration;
              that variable is no longer defined in constvars.c.
              * gdb.base/step-test.c (main): Exit with explicit exit code.
              * gdb.base/step-test.exp: Remove two nexti checks--they are
              not portable.
    • Jason Molenda's avatar
      1999-02-04 Jason Molenda (jsm@bugshack.cygnus.com) · edec2582
      Jason Molenda authored
              * gdb.base/help.exp ("help delete display"): Fix test to match
              gdb's output.
              * gdb.base/long_long.c (known_types): Initialize values to zero.
              * gdb.base/long_long.exp: Step one more line
              so 'dec' is initialized in "get to known place".  GDB doesn't
              prepend unnecessary zeros to the front of numbers.  Explicitly
              ask for hex formatting.  Use unique test case names.
  13. 04 Feb, 1999 4 commits