1. 17 Dec, 2012 13 commits
  2. 16 Dec, 2012 8 commits
    • H.J. Lu's avatar
      Don't check IFUNC relocations in elf_*_check_relocs · ad1e85de
      H.J. Lu authored
      	* elf32-i386.c (elf_i386_check_relocs): Don't check IFUNC
      	relocations here.
      	* elf64-x86-64.c (elf_x86_64_check_relocs): Likewise.
    • Alan Modra's avatar
      daily update · b6eb2f86
      Alan Modra authored
    • H.J. Lu's avatar
      Also check local IFUNC references · 73bcf233
      H.J. Lu authored
      	PR ld/14968
      	* elf32-i386.c (elf_i386_adjust_dynamic_symbol): Also check
      	local IFUNC references.
      	* elf64-x86-64.c (elf_x86_64_adjust_dynamic_symbol): Likewise.
      	PR ld/14968
      	* ld-ifunc/ifunc-18a-i386.d: New file.
      	* ld-ifunc/ifunc-18a-x86-64.d: Likewise.
      	* ld-ifunc/ifunc-18a.s: Likewise.
      	* ld-ifunc/ifunc-18b-i386.d: Likewise.
      	* ld-ifunc/ifunc-18b-x86-64.d: Likewise.
      	* ld-ifunc/ifunc-18b.s: Likewise.
      	* ld-ifunc/ifunc-19a-i386.d: Likewise.
      	* ld-ifunc/ifunc-19a-x86-64.d: Likewise.
      	* ld-ifunc/ifunc-19a.s: Likewise.
      	* ld-ifunc/ifunc-19b-i386.d: Likewise.
      	* ld-ifunc/ifunc-19b-x86-64.d: Likewise.
      	* ld-ifunc/ifunc-19b.s: Likewise.
    • Jan Kratochvil's avatar
      gdb/ · 3d745be3
      Jan Kratochvil authored
      	Code cleanup.
      	* skip.c (skip_function_command, skip_file_command, skip_info): Remove
      	unused forward declarations.
      	(skip_file_command): Make variables symtab and filename targets const.
      	Use proper 0 vs. NULL constant everywhere.
      	(skip_function_command): Use proper 0 vs. NULL constant everywhere.
      	Include empty line after declarations.  Use GNU spacing in a comment.
      	Do not use strlen for end of string check.
      	(skip_info): Use proper 0 vs. NULL constant everywhere.  Add column 5
      	(skip_enable_command, skip_disable_command, skip_delete_command)
      	(add_skiplist_entry): Use proper 0 vs. NULL constant everywhere.
      	(function_pc_is_marked_for_skip): Make variable filename target const.
      	Use proper 0 vs. NULL constant everywhere.  Fix GNU non-compliant
      	comment formatting.
      	(skip_re_set): Add empty line after function comment.  Use proper 0 vs.
      	NULL constant everywhere.  Include empty line after declarations.  Make
      	variable symtab target const.  Do not use strlen for end of string
      	* gdbint.texinfo (Coding Standards) (C Usage): New rule for 0 vs. NULL.
    • Jan Kratochvil's avatar
      gdb/ · b57a636e
      Jan Kratochvil authored
      	Code cleanup.
      	* breakpoint.c (clear_command): Remove variable sal_name_len and its
      	initialization, remove it from the compare_filenames_for_search call.
      	* dwarf2read.c (dw2_map_symtabs_matching_filename): Remove variable
      	name_len and its initialization, remove it from the
      	compare_filenames_for_search calls.
      	* psymtab.c (partial_map_symtabs_matching_filename): Likewise.
      	* symtab.c (compare_filenames_for_search): Remove the search_len
      	parameter, update the function comment, new variable search_len
      	initialized from SEARCH_NAME.
      	(iterate_over_some_symtabs): Remove variable name_len and its
      	initialization, remove it from the compare_filenames_for_search calls.
      	* symtab.h (compare_filenames_for_search): Remove the search_len
    • Thomas Schwinge's avatar
      * configure.ac (ENABLE_GOLD): Consider *-*-gnu* targets ELF. · 2344b8da
      Thomas Schwinge authored
      	* configure: Regenerate.
    • Joel Brobecker's avatar
      Makefile.in: Move ravenscar-thread.c from SFILES to ALLDEPFILES. · 67c50e6e
      Joel Brobecker authored
      	* Makefile.in (SFILES): Move ravenscar-thread.c from here...
      	(ALLDEPFILES): ... to there.
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      *** empty log message *** · 0c7eb437
      gdbadmin authored
  3. 15 Dec, 2012 19 commits
    • Alan Modra's avatar
      daily update · 987acc13
      Alan Modra authored
    • Joel Brobecker's avatar
      Minor ChangeLog fix. · e924e903
      Joel Brobecker authored
    • Joel Brobecker's avatar
      Add missing backslash in configure.tgt gdb_target_ops (sparc-*-*) · 5d214698
      Joel Brobecker authored
      I forgot to put a '\' when splitting the line in two.
              * configure.tgt (sparc-*-*): Add missing '\' in gdb_target_ops.
    • Joel Brobecker's avatar
      Add ravenscar-thread support for powerpc. · debb1f09
      Joel Brobecker authored
              * ppc-ravenscar-thread.h, ppc-ravenscar-thread.c: New files.
              * Makefile.in (ALL_TARGET_OBS): Add ppc-ravenscar-thread.o.
              (HFILES_NO_SRCDIR): Add ppc-ravenscar-thread.h.
              (ALLDEPFILES): Add ppc-ravenscar-thread.c.
              * configure.tgt: Add ravenscar-thread.o and ppc-ravenscar-thread.o
              to gdb_target_obs for every target that uses rs6000-tdep.o.
              * rs6000-tdep.c: #include "ppc-ravenscar-thread.h".
              (rs6000_gdbarch_init): Call register_e500_ravenscar_ops
              or register_ppc_ravenscar_ops.
    • Joel Brobecker's avatar
      change ravenscar_sparc prefixes into sparc_ravenscar... · c16998a7
      Joel Brobecker authored
      ... following the file renaming in the previous commit.
              * sparc-ravenscar-thread.h: SPARC_RAVENSCAR_THREAD_H renames
              * sparc-ravenscar-thread.c: Rename all global entities
              whose name is uses "ravenscar_sparc" as the prefix to use
              "sparc_ravenscar" instead.
    • Joel Brobecker's avatar
      Rename ravenscar-sparc-thread.[hc] into sparc-ravenscar-thread.[hc]. · e6f9c00b
      Joel Brobecker authored
              * sparc-ravenscar-thread.h: Renames ravenscar-sparc-thread.h.
              * sparc-ravenscar-thread.c: Renames ravenscar-sparc-thread.c.
              Adjust sparc-ravenscar-thread.h #include.
              * sparc-tdep.c: Adjust sparc-ravenscar-thread.h #include
              * Makefile.in: Replace ravenscar-sparc-thread with
              sparc-ravenscar-thread throughout.
              * configure.tgt: Likewise.
    • Joel Brobecker's avatar
      gdbarch-ification of ravenscar-thread support. · 7e35103a
      Joel Brobecker authored
              * gdbarch.sh: Add "struct ravenscar_arch_ops" advance
              (ravenscar_ops): New gdbarch variable.
              * gdbarch.h, gdbarch.c: Regenerate.
              * ravenscar-thread.h (ravenscar_register_arch_ops): Delete.
              * ravenscar-thread.c (current_arch_ops): Delete.
              (ravenscar_fetch_registers): Get the ravenscar_arch_ops
              from the gdbarch.
              (ravenscar_store_registers, ravenscar_prepare_to_store): Likewise.
              (ravenscar_inferior_created): Add gdbarch_ravenscar_ops check.
              (ravenscar_register_arch_ops): Delete.
              * ravenscar-sparc-thread.h: New file.
              * ravenscar-sparc-thread.c: #include "ravenscar-sparc-thread.h".
              (ravenscar_sparc_ops): Define value statically.
              (_initialize_ravenscar_sparc): Delete.
              (register_sparc_ravenscar_ops): New function.
              * sparc-tdep.c: #include "ravenscar-sparc-thread.h".
              (sparc32_gdbarch_init): Add call to register_sparc_ravenscar_ops.
              * Makefile.in (ALL_TARGET_OBS): Add ravenscar-thread.o and
              (SFILES): Add ravenscar-thread.c.
              (HFILES_NO_SRCDIR): Add ravenscar-sparc-thread.h.
              (ALLDEPFILES): ravenscar-sparc-thread.c.
              * configure.tgt: Add ravenscar-thread.o and ravenscar-sparc-thread.o
              to gdb_target_obs
              for all the targets that use sparc-tdep.o.
    • Joel Brobecker's avatar
      minor ravenscar-thread cleanup · 25abf4de
      Joel Brobecker authored
      The use of the ravenscar_open static global is unnecessary.
      This patch removes it. It also removes some routines that
      were created in association with the management of this global.
              * ravenscar-thread.c (ravenscar_is_open): Delete.
              (ravenscar_initialize): Move most of the code from here...
              (ravenscar_inferior_created): ... to there.  Invert logic.
              (ravenscar_close): Delete.
              (init_ravenscar_thread_ops): Remove setting of
    • Joel Brobecker's avatar
      Move init_entry_point_info to symfile.c and make it static. · 3d6e24f0
      Joel Brobecker authored
              * objfiles.c (init_entry_point_info): Move function from here...
              * symfile.c (init_entry_point_info): ... to there.  Make static.
              * objfiles.h (objfiles.h): Delete declaration.
    • Joel Brobecker's avatar
      Fix NULL objfile's section_offsets dereference during symbol load. · 36e4d068
      Joel Brobecker authored
              * symfile.c (syms_from_objfile_1): Renames syms_from_objfile.
              Remove call to init_entry_point_info.  Add OBJFILE's
              section_offsets and num_sections initialization.  Add note
              about entry info in the function documentation.
              (syms_from_objfile): New function.
              * coffread.c (coff_symfile_init): Remove call to
              * machoread.c (macho_symfile_init): Likewise.
              * xcoffread.c(xcoff_symfile_init): Likewise.
    • Thomas Schwinge's avatar
      Fix copy'n'paste-o. · 6b00ac5a
      Thomas Schwinge authored
    • Thomas Schwinge's avatar
      ld/testsuite/ · 9cc420b6
      Thomas Schwinge authored
      	* ld-elf/elf.exp (stack exec, stack size): Run for any GNU target.
      	* ld-elf/maxpage3c.d: Run for any x86 GNU target.
      	* ld-elf/maxpage4.d: Likewise.
      	* ld-elf/maxpage5.d: Likewise.
      	* ld-i386/export-class.exp: Likewise.
    • Yao Qi's avatar
      gdb/ · c9b6281a
      Yao Qi authored
      2012-12-15  Yao Qi  <yao@codesourcery.com>
      	* remote-notif.c (_initialize_notif): Add new commands
      	'set debug notification' and 'show debug notification'.
      	* NEWS: Mention these new commands.
      2012-12-15 Yao Qi  <yao@codesourcery.com>
      	* gdb.texinfo (Debugging Output): Document 'set debug
      	notification' and 'show debug notification'.
    • Yao Qi's avatar
      gdb/ · 722247f1
      Yao Qi authored
      2012-12-15  Yao Qi  <yao@codesourcery.com>
      	* Makefile.in (REMOTE_OBS): Add "remote-notif.o".
      	(SFILES): Add "remote-notif.c".
      	(HFILES_NO_SRCDIR): Add "remote-notif.h" and "common/queue.h".
      	* remote-notif.c: New.  Factored out from remote.c.
      	* remote-notif.h: New.
      	* remote.c: Include "remote-notif.h".
      	(stop_reply_xmalloc, do_stop_reply_xfree):
      	(remote_parse_stop_reply, remote_get_pending_stop_replies):
      	(remote_async_get_pending_events_handler): Remove declarations.
      	(remote_parse_stop_reply): Declare.
      	(pending_stop_reply): Remove.
      	(remote_async_get_pending_events_token): Move to
      	(remote_close): Replace 'delete_async_event_handler' with
      	Don't call discard_pending_stop_replies.
      	(remote_start_remote): Replace code with remote_notif_parse
      	and remote_notif_get_pending_replies.
      	(remote_open_1): Replace 'create_async_event_handler' with
      	(extended_remote_attach_1): Call remote_notif_parse and
      	(struct stop_reply) <next>: Remove.
      	<base>: New field.
      	Callers update.
      	(stop_reply_queue): Change its type.
      	(stop_reply_xmalloc, do_stop_reply_xfree): Remove.
      	(remote_notif_remove_all): New.
      	(discard_pending_stop_replies): Update.
      	(remote_notif_stop_ack, stop_reply_dtr): New.
      	(remote_notif_stop_alloc_event): New.
      	(notif_client_stop): New variable.
      	(stop_reply_match_ptid, stop_reply_match_ptid_and_ws: New.
      	(queued_stop_reply, peek_stop_reply): Adjust.
      	(remote_get_pending_stop_replies): Rename to
      	(handle_notification): Move to remote-notif.c.
      	(remote_async_get_pending_events_handler): Likewise.
      	(remote_wait_as): Adjust to call remote_notif_parse.
      	Call 'getpkt_or_notif_sane' instead of 'getpkt_sane'.
      	Return minus_one_ptid early if gets a notification.
      	(remote_wait): Call QUEUE_is_empty (notif_reply_p).
      	(_initialize_remote): Call QUEUE_alloc.  Update caller.
      	(remote_resume): Call 'remote_notif_process' in all-stop mode.
      	* remote.h: Include "remote-notif.h".
      	(remote_notif_get_pending_replies): Declare.
    • Yao Qi's avatar
      gdb/ · 5f4cf0bb
      Yao Qi authored
      2012-12-15  Yao Qi  <yao@codesourcery.com>
      	* remote.c (discard_pending_stop_replies): Update declaration.
      	(remote_detach_1, extended_remote_mourn_1): Likewise.
      	(discard_pending_stop_replies): Change parameter from PID to
      	(remote_close): Update caller.
      	(_initialize_remote): Attach discard_pending_stop_replies to
      	inferior_exit observer.
    • Yao Qi's avatar
      gdb/ · fee9eda9
      Yao Qi authored
      2012-12-15  Yao Qi  <yao@codesourcery.com>
      	* remote.c (getpkt_or_notif_sane): Add one more argument in
      	its declaration.
      	(getpkt_or_notif_sane_1): Add one more argument.
      	(getpkt_sane): Update caller.
      	(getpkt_or_notif_sane): Likewise.  Update call
      	(remote_wait_ns): Update caller.
    • Yao Qi's avatar
      gdb/gdbserver/ · 14a00470
      Yao Qi authored
      2012-12-15  Yao Qi  <yao@codesourcery.com>
      	* Makefile.in (OBS): Add notif.o.
      	* notif.c, notif.h: New.
      	* server.c: Include "notif.h".
      	(struct vstop_notif) <next>: Remove.
      	<base>: New field.
      	(queue_stop_reply): Update.
      	(push_event, send_next_stop_reply): Remove.
      	(discard_queued_stop_replies): Update.
      	(notif_stop): New variable.
      	(handle_v_stopped): Remove.
      	(handle_v_requests): Don't call handle_v_stopped.  Call
      	handle_ack_notif instead.
      	(queue_stop_reply_callback): Call notif_event_enque instead
      	of queue_stop_reply.
      	(handle_status): Don't call send_next_stop_reply, call
      	notif_write_event instead.
      	(kill_inferior_callback): Likewise.
      	(detach_or_kill_inferior_callback): Likewise.
      	(main): Call initialize_notif.
      	(process_serial_event): Call QUEUE_is_empty.
      	(handle_target_event): Call notif_push instead of push event.
      	* server.h (push_event): Remove declaration.
    • Yao Qi's avatar
      gdb/ · dbb0cf06
      Yao Qi authored
      2012-12-15  Yao Qi  <yao@codesourcery.com>
      	    Doug Evans  <dje@google.com>
      	* common/queue.h: New.
    • Yao Qi's avatar
      2012-12-15 Yao Qi <yao@codesourcery.com> · f2a8bc8a
      Yao Qi authored
      	* breakpoint.c (print_one_breakpoint_location): Display the
      	state of 'installed' of each non-pending location of a tracepoint
      	in both CLI and MI.
      	(download_tracepoint_locations): Notify 'breakpoint-modified'
      	observer if any tracepoint location is downloaded.
      	* tracepoint.c (start_tracing): Likewise.
      	(merge_uploaded_tracepoints): Record all modified
      	tracepoints and notify 'breakpoint-modified' observer for them.
      	* NEWS: Mention the change for CLI and MI.
      2012-12-15  Yao Qi  <yao@codesourcery.com>
      	* gdb.texinfo (Listing Tracepoints): New item and example about
      	'installed on target' output.
      	Add more in the example about 'installed on target'.
      	(GDB/MI Breakpoint Commands): Doc about 'installed field.
      2012-12-15  Yao Qi  <yao@codesourcery.com>
      	* gdb.trace/mi-tracepoint-changed.exp (test_pending_resolved): Check
      	'installed' field in '=breakpoint-modified'.
      	(test_reconnect): Check 'installed' field in
      	'=breakpoint-modified' and '=breakpoint-created'.
      	* gdb.trace/actions.exp: Update test for 'installed' field.
      	* gdb.trace/change-loc.exp (tracepoint_change_loc_1):
      	(tracepoint_change_loc_2): Likewise.
      	Check 'info tracepoint' display nothing else.
      	* gdb.trace/deltrace.exp: Likewise.
      	* gdb.trace/infotrace.exp: Likewise.
      	* gdb.trace/mi-traceframe-changed.exp (test_tfind_remote):
      	* gdb.trace/passcount.exp: Likewise.
      	* gdb.trace/tracecmd.exp: Likewise.
      	* gdb.trace/while-stepping.exp: Likewise.