libcapsule v0.20200708.0

[ Ludovico de Nittis, Simon McVittie ]

  • utils: Add functions to compare symbols and versions with libelf. When two libraries have the same numeric tail we were not able to reliably determine which one was the newer. In particular, many distributions install as a regular file, rather than a symlink to a versioned name, so library_cmp_by_name() can't work.

[ Simon McVittie ]

  • ci: Run CI with UndefinedBehaviourSanitizer and AddressSanitizer
  • tests: Work around a binutils behaviour change (see #964457)
  • capture-libs: Make library comparison configurable on the command-line. This is primarily useful for testing and experimenting.
  • capture-libs: Add --library-knowledge option. This gives capsule-capture-libs a source of library-specific knowledge, which we can use to choose the correct library. (T16562)