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  • v0.20200708.0   libcapsule v0.20200708.0
    497702e7 · Release v0.20200708.0 ·
    Release v0.20200708.0

    [ Ludovico de Nittis, Simon McVittie ]

    • utils: Add functions to compare symbols and versions with libelf. When two libraries have the same numeric tail we were not able to reliably determine which one was the newer. In particular, many distributions install libgcc_s.so.1 as a regular file, rather than a symlink to a versioned name, so library_cmp_by_name() can't work.

    [ Simon McVittie ]

    • ci: Run CI with UndefinedBehaviourSanitizer and AddressSanitizer
    • tests: Work around a binutils behaviour change (see #964457)
    • capture-libs: Make library comparison configurable on the command-line. This is primarily useful for testing and experimenting.
    • capture-libs: Add --library-knowledge option. This gives capsule-capture-libs a source of library-specific knowledge, which we can use to choose the correct library. (T16562)
  • v0.20200624.0   libcapsule v0.20200624.0
    68f68b32 · Release v0.20200624.0 ·
    Release v0.20200624.0

    • ld-libs: Always clear ldlibs->needed entry if ld_lib_open() fails, fixing mishandling of libraries that are newer in the container but only for one architecture
    • build: Check that the compiler and --host are consistent
    • build: Silence unwanted warnings
    • Add basic Gitlab-CI on Debian (with deb-build-snapshot) and Arch Linux
    • capture-libs: Expand list of known ld.so names
    • capture-libs: Allow patterns to be read from a file
    • tests: Fix Debianisms
    • tests/capture-libs: Tolerate path to ld.so not being fully resolved
    • capsule-malloc: Remove duplicate typedef for mstate, for clang 8
    • Distinguish between enabling the library and enabling shared libraries. Some tests for capsule-capture-libs will need to compile shared libraries, even if libcapsule itself is not built.
    • tests: Make older linkers happy with one of our test libraries
    • tests: Cope with newer versions of GNU make
    • debian: Tell git-version-gen that we are behaving as an upstream
  • v0.20190926.0   libcapsule v0.20190926.0
    da30b75e · Prepare v0.20190926.0 ·
    Release v0.20190926.0
    • utils: Add --help, --version and GNU argument parsing to all tools
    • capture-libs: Clarify by introducing more temporaries
    • capture-libs: Factor out library_cmp_by_name()
    • capture-libs: Treat unversioned libraries as in indeterminate order. This avoids always choosing the container version of libgcc_s.so.1 when using a Debian-derived container on Fedora, even if the host version is newer.
  • v0.20190724.0   libcapsule v0.20190724.0
    4932c006 · Release v0.20190724.0 ·
    Release v0.20190724.0

    libcapsule_0.20190724.0.orig.tar.gz libcapsule_0.20190724.0-0co1.debian.tar.xz libcapsule_0.20190724.0-0co1.dsc

    • process_pt_dynamic: Add missing 'break' to DT_JMPREL case
    • safe_strncpy: Work around -Werror=stringop-truncation
    • Add some notes on building from git on older host systems
    • capture-libs: Fix a misleading debug message
    • capture-libs: Don't capture results of path-match if they are other ABIs
  • v0.20190402.0   libcapsule v0.20190402.0
    12bebee3 · Release v0.20190402.0 ·
    Release v0.20190402.0

    • debian: Install tools with canonicalized multiarch prefix
    • debian: Build relocatable versions of libcapsule binary tools
    • debian: Use dh_missing --fail-missing
    • Build *.1 man pages with xsltproc even if gtk-doc is disabled
    • shim: Add a minimal fallback version of PKG_CHECK_VAR
    • Skip GLib tests when GLib is older than 2.38
  • v0.20190130.0   libcapsule v0.20190130.0
    12b83f65 · v0.20190130.0 ·
    Release v0.20190130.0

    • Be more compatible with older distributions:
      • debian: Be compatible with Ubuntu 14.04's dpkg
      • Compile on older glibc that didn't have secure_getenv()
      • dump: Avoid naming collision with basename()
      • capture-libs: Avoid shadowing global abs()
      • process-pt-dynamic: Don't print name of R_386_SIZE32 if undefined
      • devhelp2man: Add minimal support for older gtk-doc versions
      • debian: Install libglib2.0-dev if building documentation, as required by older gtk-doc versions
      • debian: Use macros from libcapsule itself to build libGL proxy
      • tests/utils.c: Tolerate archaic GLib versions
    • autogen.sh: Install macros into m4/
    • capsule-init-project: Create m4/
    • debian: Separate documentation into libcapsule-doc
    • debian: Don't build with fatal warnings
    • debian: Explicitly disable silent makefile rules, which debhelper didn't always do for us
    • build: Be more specific about the tokens we don't want to see, to future-proof against newer autoconf-archive versions
    • ci: Check out the right git repository
    • CapsuleTest: Tolerate bwrap not being installed at all
    • tests/capture-libs.pl: Make executable
  • v0.20180517.0   libcapsule v0.20180517.0
    5be34191 · v0.20180517.0 ·
    Release v0.20180517.0

    libcapsule (0.20180517.0-0co1) upstream; urgency=medium

    • build: Bundle updated m4 macros in source releases so that they can be built on older host OSs that do not have a recent autoconf-archive
    • capture-libs test: Cope with i686, cmov CPU capability flags
    • tests: Fix perl warnings for shadowing a local variable
    • Fix cross-compilation for i386 on amd64:
      • Architecture-qualify perl as :any
      • Only build GLib-based tests on amd64 since libglib2.0-dev was not multiarch co-installable until recently
      • tests: Work when compiling for i386 on amd64
    • ci: Run autopkgtests on Debian stretch and SteamOS brewmaster
  • v0.20180430.0   libcapsule v0.20180430.0
    ac582a62 · Release ·
    Release v0.20180430.0
    libcapsule (0.20180430.0-0co1) upstream; urgency=medium
      [ Vivek Das Mohapatra ]
      * Fix a potential segfault in the ELF memory dumper
      * Replace the free/*alloc cluster inside the capsule
      * Improve API documentation
      * Improve debug output
      * debian: Ignore some package/build debris
      [ Simon McVittie ]
      * Add capture-libs tool and use it for tests/manual/gl.pl
      * Don't stop reading symbol tables at an unknown ELFW_ST_TYPE, ELFW_ST_BIND
      * Improve error propagation
      * Improve debug output
      * utils: Use getenv rather than secure_getenv to reduce glibc dependencies
        (libcapsule itself still uses secure_getenv)
      * libGL: Use the symbol set from GLVND libGL
      * libGL: Add shims for libXi, libgbm, libGLX, libEGL, libOpenGL, libGLESv2
      * libGL: Don't exclude misc X libraries from encapsulation
      * tests/manual/gl.pl: Bind-mount more host files into the container
      * tests/manual/gl.pl: Merge /gl and /updates into /overrides
      * tests/manual/gl.pl: Make anything from the host available via /run/host
      * build: Install capsule-elf-dump
      * build: Consolidate lists of GL shims using patsubst
      * build: Add maintainer-update-gl-shims convenience target
      * build: Make host prefix for tools modifiable
      * build: Add a build option to add a -rpath to the tools
      * build: Allow shared library to be disabled, if you only want the tools
      * build: Don't run a test program, just link it, to help cross-compiling
      * ci: Add a Jenkinsfile to build libcapsule on SteamOS
      * debian: Add more test dependencies
     -- Simon McVittie <smcv@collabora.com>  Mon, 30 Apr 2018 14:35:22 +0100
  • v0.20171116.0   libcapsule 0.20171116.0
    af1c60e5 · 0.20171116.0 ·
  • debian/0.20171116.0-0co1   libcapsule Debian release 0.20171116.0-0co1
    af1c60e5 · 0.20171116.0 ·
  • v0.20171113.0   libcapsule 0.20171113.0
    aea9ec73 · 0.20171113.0 ·
  • debian/0.20171113.0-0co1   libcapsule Debian release 0.20171113.0-0co1
    aea9ec73 · 0.20171113.0 ·
  • v0.20171019.0   libcapsule 0.20171019.0
    df1b82c0 · Let's call this a release ·
  • debian/0.20171019.0-0co1   libcapsule Debian release 0.20171019.0-0co1
    df1b82c0 · Let's call this a release ·
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