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    Add unittests target to the binary distribution (issue #1632) · 8fee8ed0
    Marshall Greenblatt authored
    - Move all tests from the top-level directory to tests/.
    - Move files shared by cefclient and unittests to tests/shared/.
    - Add a fused (single header/source file) version of gtest in
      tests/gtest/ with associated CMake configuration.
    - Test-only headers are now exposed in include/test/. Unit test
      targets must define UNIT_TEST in order to access them.
    - Replace usage of USING_CEF_SHARED with WRAPPING_CEF_SHARED for
      clarity (only the libcef_dll_wrapper target should define it).
    - Remove the RENAME_DIRECTORY CMake macro which is no longer used.
    - Remove C++11 usage from unittests sources for compatibility with
      the binary distribution configuration.
    - Windows: Fix build errors due to chrome_elf.dll and imm32.lib
      missing from the CMake configuration.
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