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    Add support for complete isolation of storage and permissions (cache, cookies,... · ca0e3816
    Marshall Greenblatt authored
    Add support for complete isolation of storage and permissions (cache, cookies, localStorage, access grants, etc) on a per-request-context basis (issue #1044).
    - CefRequestContext instances can be configured using a new CefRequestContextSettings structure passed to CefRequestContext::CreateContext.
    - Scheme registration is now per-request-context using new CefRequestContext::RegisterSchemeHandlerFactory and ClearSchemeHandlerFactories methods.
    - Cookie managers are now per-request-context by default and can be retrieved using a new CefRequestContext::GetDefaultCookieManager method.
    - CefURLRequest::Create now accepts an optional CefRequestContext argument for associating a URL request with a context (browser process only).
    - The CefRequestContextHandler associated with a CefRequestContext will not be released until all objects related to that context have been destroyed.
    - When the cache path is empty an in-memory cache ("incognito mode") will be used for storage and no data will be persisted to disk.
    - Add CefSettings.user_data_path which specifies the location where user data such as spell checking dictionary files will be stored on disk.
    - Add asynchronous callbacks for all CefCookieManager methods.
    - Add PK_LOCAL_APP_DATA and PK_USER_DATA path keys for retrieving user directories via CefGetPath.
    - cefclient: Add "New Window" test that creates a new window unrelated to existing windows. When used in combination with `--request-context-per-browser` the new window will be given a new and isolated request context.
    git-svn-id: https://chromiumembedded.googlecode.com/svn/trunk@2040 5089003a-bbd8-11dd-ad1f-f1f9622dbc98
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