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    Add plugin placeholder and policy support (issue #1708) · dc3aae19
    Marshall Greenblatt authored
    - Default plugin loading policy can be specified using the new
      `--plugin-policy=[allow|block|detect]` command-line flag.
    - Move CefRequestHandler::OnBeforePluginLoad to
      CefRequestContextHandler and add a new policy argument that
      supports different actions (allow, block, detect, disable) on a
      per-plugin-instance basis.
    - Add CefContextMenuHandler::RunContextMenu for providing a custom
      context menu implementation.
    - Add CefResourceBundleHandler::GetDataResourceForScale for
      returning scaled resources (issue #1272).
    - Add CefResourceBundle for retrieving resources from the resource
      bundle (*.pak) files loaded by CEF during startup or via the
    - Linux: Fix Debug build IO access warning with CefGetMimeType.
    - cef_unittests: Move the refcounting implementation from TestHandler
      to subclasses in order to support interface inheritance from
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