Commit 27735188 authored by Marshall Greenblatt's avatar Marshall Greenblatt
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Windows: cefclient: Fix ATL-related build errors (issue #2200)

parent 70a01250
......@@ -249,6 +249,11 @@ if(OS_WINDOWS)
add_dependencies(${CEF_TARGET} libcef_dll_wrapper)
target_link_libraries(${CEF_TARGET} libcef_lib libcef_dll_wrapper ${CEF_STANDARD_LIBS} glu32.lib imm32.lib opengl32.lib)
# Required by VS2013 to link accessibility API functions.
target_link_libraries(${CEF_TARGET} oleacc.lib)
# Logical target used to link the cef_sandbox library.
......@@ -680,6 +680,9 @@ CefNativeAccessible* OsrAXNode::GetNativeAccessibleObject(OsrAXNode* parent) {
namespace client {
void OsrAXNode::NotifyAccessibilityEvent(std::string event_type) const {
void OsrAXNode::Destroy() {}
CefNativeAccessible* OsrAXNode::GetNativeAccessibleObject(OsrAXNode* parent) {
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