Commit e1c74c2e authored by Riku Palomäki's avatar Riku Palomäki Committed by Marshall Greenblatt
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Make sure to call OnLoadingStateChange when navigation state changes (fixes issue #2624)

parent 8c3bd381
......@@ -2306,8 +2306,10 @@ void CefBrowserHostImpl::LoadingStateChanged(content::WebContents* source,
// This method may be called multiple times in a row with |is_loading| true
// as a result of Ignore the 2nd+ times.
if (is_loading_ == is_loading)
if (is_loading_ == is_loading && can_go_back_ == can_go_back &&
can_go_forward_ == can_go_forward) {
is_loading_ = is_loading;
can_go_back_ = can_go_back;
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