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      Implement Views framework on Windows and Linux (issue #1749). · 06e73fff
      Marshall Greenblatt authored
      - Add Views header files in a new include/views directory.
      - Add initial top-level window (CefWindow), control (CefBrowserView,
        CefLabelButton, CefMenuButton, CefPanel, CefScrollView,
        CefTextfield) and layout (CefBoxLayout, CefFlowLayout) support.
        See libcef/browser/views/view_impl.h comments for implementation
      - Add Views example usage in cefclient and cefsimple and Views unit
        tests in cef_unittests. Pass the `--use-views` command-line flag to
        cefclient, cefsimple and cef_unittests to run using the Views
        framework instead of platform APIs. For cefclient and cefsimple
        this will create the browser window and all related functionality
        using the Views framework. For cef_unittests this will run all
        tests (except OSR tests) in a Views-based browser window. Views-
        specific unit tests (`--gtest_filter=Views*`) will be run even if
        the the `--use-views` flag is not specified.
      - Pass the `--hide-frame` command-line flag to cefclient to demo a
        frameless Views-based browser window.
      - Pass the `--hide-controls` command-line flag to cefclient to demo a
        browser window without top controls. This also works in non-Views
      - Pass the `--enable-high-dpi-support` command-line flag to
        cef_unittests on Windows to test high-DPI support on a display
        that supports it.
      - Add CefImage for reading/writing image file formats.
      - Add CefBrowser::DownloadImage() for downloading image URLs as a
        CefImage representation. This is primarily for loading favicons.
      - Add CefMenuModel::CreateMenuModel() and CefMenuModelDelegate for
        creating custom menus. This is primarily for use with
      - Add CefBrowser::TryCloseBrowser() helper for closing a browser.
        Also improve related documentation in cef_life_span_handler.h.
      - Rename cef_page_range_t to cef_range_t. It is now also used by
      - Remove CefLifeSpanHandler::RunModal() which is never called.
      - Add draggable regions example to cefclient.
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      libcef: Update due to underlying chromium changes. · 669244ca
      Marshall Greenblatt authored
      - Calling AddStandardScheme() is now required for custom scheme handlers due to GURL changes.
      - Add '--no-circular-check' flag in cef_create_projects.bat to avoid unnecessary GYP failures.
      - nphostapi.h moved to third_party/npapi/bindings directory.
      - UTF functions moved to base/utf_string_conversions.h
      - app/gfx directory moved to gfx
      - Add simple cookie jar implementation.
      - Enable WebGL support.
      git-svn-id: https://chromiumembedded.googlecode.com/svn/trunk@72 5089003a-bbd8-11dd-ad1f-f1f9622dbc98
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      Add DLL build support and wrapper that allows clients to transparently switch... · 35e21da8
      Marshall Greenblatt authored
      Add DLL build support and wrapper that allows clients to transparently switch between static and dynamic CEF builds.
      - The libcef project now builds libcef_static.lib instead of libcef.lib.
      - The libcef_dll project builds libcef.lib and libcef.dll.  This DLL exports the new CEF C API defined in cef_capi.h, cef_nplugin_capi.h, cef_string.h and cef_string_map.h.
      - The libcef_dll_wrapper project builds libcef_dll_wrapper.lib.  This static library wraps the new C API calls with an implementation of the CEF C++ interface as defined in cef.h and cef_nplugin.h.
      - The cefclient project now uses the DLL instead of the static library.
      - Type definitions have been moved from cef.h to cef_types.h so that they can be shared by both cef.h and cef_capi.h.  This change required some enumeration member name modifications throughout the code base.
      - Fixed variable naming inconsistencies.
      - Added CefVariant::GetArraySize() method and _NPN_ArrayObjectGetVectorSize() function.
      - Remove the ProjectSection(WebsiteProperties) sections from cef.sln to improve VS2005 performance.
      git-svn-id: https://chromiumembedded.googlecode.com/svn/trunk@16 5089003a-bbd8-11dd-ad1f-f1f9622dbc98
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      libcef: Update due to underlying chromium changes. · 73027bb5
      Marshall Greenblatt authored
      - External plugin loading support is now provided by webkit/glue/plugins so the libcef/plugins directory has been eliminated, with related changes.
      - Modify the CefPluginInfo structure to use a more friendly data organization format.
      - Remove CefUnregisterPlugin() as it is no longer functional.
      - WebViewDelegate::ShowContextMenu() now receives the menu type as a bit-masked flag, so adjust the API accordingly.
      - WebViewDelegate::GetContainingView() now returns a gfx::NativeViewId instead of a gfx::NativeView.
      - Modify BrowserRequestContext because GetUserAgent() is now a virtual method of URLRequestContext.
      - The data buffer in RequestProxy is now a net::IOBuffer.
      - Add webkit_glue::GetScreenInfo().
      git-svn-id: https://chromiumembedded.googlecode.com/svn/trunk@10 5089003a-bbd8-11dd-ad1f-f1f9622dbc98
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      libcef: · a08ad505
      Marshall Greenblatt authored
      - Add support for embedded netscape-style plugins.
      - Add new webkit_glue VisitedLinkHash() and IsLinkVisited() functions required by underlying chromium changes.
      - Add sample netscape-style plugin implementation and related Plugin item on the Tests menu.
      - Increase the speed of the update timer so that buttons refresh closer to real-time.
      git-svn-id: https://chromiumembedded.googlecode.com/svn/trunk@5 5089003a-bbd8-11dd-ad1f-f1f9622dbc98