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      - Move frame-related methods from CefBrowser into a new CefFrame class. · c295931b
      Marshall Greenblatt authored
      - Add CefBrowser::Get*Frame() methods for retrieving the appropriate CefFrame instance.
      - Add a CefFrame attribute to CefHandler callback methods where appropriate.
      - Add support for V8 JavaScript extensions and values via CefV8Value and CefV8Handler.  Native C++ and user-defined JavaScript object hierarchies may now be created and accessed using the CEF API.
      - Remove the CefHandler and CefVariant classes and related CefBrowser methods that have been obsoleted by the addition of CEF V8 support.
      - Add the CefRegisterExtension() function for registering system-wide V8 extensions.
      - Add the CefHandler::HandleJSBinding() callback method for attaching V8 values to the global frame JavaScript object.  This method replaces the previous technique of calling CefBrowser::AddJSHandler().
      - Add new wrapper template methods for simplifying DLL wrapper implementations.
      - Move cef_string* files from libcef_dll to libcef so that projects can link libcef statically without errors.
      - Fix crashes when CEF exits due to object constructors being executed on non-UI threads if the application is closed while a page is still loading.
      - Update the cefclient project to reflect changes and demonstrate the new APIs.
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