Commit 080f7156 authored by Eric Karl's avatar Eric Karl
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Fix break in TestExpectations for virtual/pointerevent tests added a skip rule for virtual/pointerevent/...

This landed at the same time as which removed the
entire virtual/pointerevent test suite. Somehow these both made it
through CQ, leaving TestExpecations in a bad sate.

Any future changes to TestExpectations now hit a lint error:

LayoutTests/TestExpectations:1201 Path does not exist. virtual/pointerevent/imported/wpt/pointerevents/pointerevent_properties_mouse-manual.html

This change removes the offending line (the line above it already
achieves the same thing for the non-virtual test, which is now the only


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Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#402341}
parent f9c0e04c
......@@ -1198,7 +1198,6 @@ imported/wpt/pointerevents/pointerevent_touch-action-svg-test_t imported/wpt/pointerevents/pointerevent_touch-action-table-test_touch-manual.html [ Skip ] imported/wpt/pointerevents/pointerevent_touch-action-verification.html [ Skip ] imported/wpt/pointerevents/pointerevent_properties_mouse-manual.html [ Skip ] virtual/pointerevent/imported/wpt/pointerevents/pointerevent_properties_mouse-manual.html [ Skip ]
# These testcases are incorrect, mark them as failing until they're fixed in the testsuite.
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